bathroom-mirror1 This is a picture of a beautifully clean bathroom. I had to upload it from the Internet because my bathroom picture, the one I was going to show off today, was…well… not quite ready yet. I am back again, a week later and a little wiser. I still have a lot of work to do. Here is the breakdown of what happened:


  • Posted on my blog that I was going to accept the challenge of changing how I viewed bathroom cleaning and planned to follow through on cleaning the bathrooms.
  •  Started researching fun ideas for cleaning. Who knew how popular this topic was?!


  • Researched more ideas about cleaning playfully 🙂
  • Created a mind map of all the possibilities – It took over an hour and is really pretty. I came up with some awesome stuff! Click on it to check it out!


  • Planning and organization. Coached myself on pressing issues. Bathroom cleaning didn’t come up.


  • Thought about cleaning the bathrooms using my mind map recommendations, and decided that I favored a movie day instead – it was a long week and I deserved a break.


  • Paid bills
  • Did chores. Thought about cleaning the bathrooms, but I helped my daughter clean her room instead. It counts as cleaning.


  • Realized bathrooms are still waiting for me. But they really are not that bad. I think they can wait.
  • Vacuumed and mopped floors. It feels like I am making progress.


  • Writing outline for this post. Realized that my intentions really do not matter. There is something missing here. I have so much resistance about this topic. It took a lot of energy for me to even search for interesting ideas. Was it  more important for me NOT to clean the bathrooms? Or maybe the desire to clean the bathrooms fell under the category of SHOULD CLEAN rather than WANT TO CLEAN?  Maybe I just don’t care? I had more fun researching and writing about this topic than I did actually deciding to use that energy for action. The scorecard right now looks like this:

Thinking and Creating: 1   Meaningful Action: 0.

  • I guess I could fool myself into thinking that I was making progress. I do know HOW to get the bathroom clean efficiently and quickly, and HOW to have the tools ready to do it. I even came up with some clever ideas HOW to make it entertaining. But it dawned on me that the HOW really wasn’t the issue. Neither was having fun while cleaning. I guess that is progress. But there is still something missing.

Wednesday – Posting Day

Embarrassment sets in. I really don’t know what to say. I have more questions than answers. With the best of intentions, I wasn’t able to muster up the discipline to get this task complete. I kept myself busy. It FELT like I was making progress. Do I need to make it more definitive? How does one decide to decide? How do you turn an intention into a certainty? Was I focused on the wrong HOW? Stay tuned and see what happens at next week’s check in. Thanks for reading!