Soundproof listening booth at a London music store 1955What makes my voice the voice to be heard among the many voices out there? Especially, when there are so many more who are smarter, cleverer (Is that even a word), funnier, wittier, bigger, louder … you get the point. Why should one voice, my voice matter? What do I have to say anyway? Are any of my observations, my musings, my advice, my pain, my poems, my sharing, etc… really earth shattering or life changing?

I think the answer has, until now, kept me pretty silent. “But no longer!” I say. I’m not sure the knot in my stomach, the dry mouth, the wet palms and the rapid breathing would all agree with me. Being seen, authentically seen, seen with it all hanging out, so-to-speak, is so difficult for so many of us; and yet for me, something bigger is calling me. That call is strong enough to be trumping the doubts and the fears that I still have. That call is saying do it anyway, because not only is what you have to say important, but someone out there needs to hear it as well. I guess the time to start is now and the place to start is here. Thanks for reading and I will see you back here next week.