DeepakDeepak Chopra said these words during one of his meditation challenges that I like to participate in. His language struck me. There was a ring to it. A resonance. A reverberation that echoed in my actions since learning the distinction. That got me thinking. What is it about intention that changes how we act and respond to others, and what is it about intention that changes how others act and respond to us?

Is intention like purpose? As in motivation to do something? Or is it more of an all encompassing synthesis of our calling delivered through our conduct? Is intention a big why that infuses action with grace? Is it a why that makes us rush through our day and barely notice ? Is it shallow, deep or something in between? A hybrid of our base yet noble nature? Does time influence our intention? Does it work in partnership or does it stand alone like a sentinel guarding the gates of our deepest secrets?

Well, as you can tell, I was pretty confused. So I went to my favorite place to get information, TED, to find out about intention. I wanted something not too long, that held my attention, addressed my need, was fun to watch, and made me ready to write about this amorphous and mysterious topic.

What I found were three examples that resonated with me in different ways.

Julian Treasure’s intention was to persuade us to listen more effectively: [ted id=1200]

He wanted us to really become aware of what impedes our ability to hear each other, and learn some tools that we could apply to become better listeners — nice intention.

Steven Pinker’s intention was to educate us about language: [ted id=164] He is a writer who talked about verbs as if they were stars in a play. Everything else in a sentence was in service to the action. Interesting. It’s in the “doing” he thinks. I learned a lot about sentences, and how to play with them, but now I am wondering what to DO with the information. This was the longest of the lectures, but the intelligence and play with words held me. I learned something new, and I am grateful for that.

Hannah Brencher’s intention was to bring healing: [ted id=1603] Her talk was not only a call to action, but it was also a story that transcended time. Her intention moved me, because not only did her talk fulfill all of my requirements, it moved me to want to be like her. To have the intention to give love back in the way that you knew would change lives. Pay it forward, indeed.

Love and be loved. That is quite an intention.

So what is your intention for today, for this week, for the month, in the next conversation? How will you intend to share your gifts with the world?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,