I read in Shawn Anchor’s book, Before Happiness, that one strategy for happiness is to “pursue the reality that makes you  the most successful.” I guess the presumption is that success = happiness.

This weekend, my family and I will compete in forms at the AAU Taekwondo State Qualifier. I began to wonder what I needed to believe about my abilities as a Martial Artist in order to compete at that level? So I decided to list them.


1. I am good at forms and could possibly win. I believe this because of watching myself in the mirror, comments from other martial artists, and my instructors’ belief in my skills and their training.

2. I believe that I have trained well and am prepared.

3. I believe I can handle that kind of pressure.

4. I believe that the competitive environment will bring out my best performance.

5. I believe in the value of showing my daughters that testing oneself in the arena gives important feedback, and therefore, is nothing to be afraid of.

So I wonder about you? What do you have to believe in order to pursue the reality that makes you the most successful?

Thanks for reading.

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