image I, Christine Jeffrey am a certified hypocrite for not walking my talk. Does it count as hypocrisy if I am not aware that I am doing it? Does awareness make it better or worse, and for whom?

It has been a very busy time for me: end of the school year activities, wrapping up obligations, dealing with family members who have severe health problems, trying to get a coaching business started inch by inch, writing a book to help others, daily responsibilities, running a household, etc… I could go on, but you get the idea.

So when I was writing a chapter about the importance of ridding your life of tolerations, it struck me that I was putting up with a lot. I wasn’t following my own advice. In fact, I was busy justifying to myself why I had to do this, and put up with that. Acting, in other words, like I didn’t have a choice. How embarrassing. Physician, heal thyself, indeed.

Have you ever had the sinking suspicion that you are at the root of your own suffering? I got that feeling upside the head, big time. The more I wrote, the more it dawned on me that while I had an A+ in the knowledge department when it came to self renewal and self care, I was getting a D+ (maybe due to grade inflation :)) on taking action.

Once I became aware, I cleaned up my act. I stopped tolerating, and started in on some triage of self care. Amazingly enough, things became calmer, easier and funner. (Is funner a word?)

So how about this week, you make it a goal to try and walk your talk? Do what you say you are going to do. Take your own advice. Heal yourself first. Put the O2 mask on yourself before helping others, and see if things radically change. I dare ya!

Thanks for reading.

From one hypo to another;)