imageHow does one keep things going? Whether it is a relationship, or a project, keeping momentum is one of the keys to success. It is the opposite of quitting. It is that voice inside you that says, “yes, you can, too” when everyone is going the other way. It is one of the necessaries. Sometimes it takes brute strength to keep your momentum going, and that is when it gets really easy to quit. Below are some tips that still help me to keep going — when the going gets tough, because the more momentum I have, the easier it is to convert, complete, or to finish.

Here is what some of the experts have to say about this:

Tony Robbins says that you can instantly change your state by changing your physiology. Once you know how to recognize what you it feels like for you when you are in peak momentum, you can then call upon that feeling state, at will, through a trigger- e.g. slapping the inside of your wrist. You are then able to get into that feeling state, because you’ve conditioned yourself to do it. When you find your focus or your momentum flagging, you just hit the trigger and off you go again.

Wendy Hart says that keeping momentum is more like setting up the game to win. You can play games in order to put yourself in that peak state Tony Robbins was talking about. One game that I find particularly effective is to add silliness to what you are doing. If you are silly, it is impossible to feel any negative or draining emotion. You can’t feel dread, for example. You then have the right brain chemistry to then tackle tasks that you do not feel like doing. The more silliness you add to the mix, the more ready and willing you are to keep on doing the hard work.

Tony Schwartz says that managing your energy state keeps you in momentum. By working for short intervals of time, such as 90 minutes, and then taking a 5 to 20 minute break of fun and relaxation, you are able to come back to the task refreshed, and ready to begin again. Also, maintaining your blood sugar level is key to optimum output, so make sure that you eat small meals every couple of hours to ensure that a blood sugar drop does not play havoc with your momentum.

I use a combination of these methods, but the one that I seem to use the most often when I feel my momentum stalling is to watch inspirational videos about people using their limitations as a stepping stone to greatness. The journey these amazingly awesome people take the viewer on is one of truth. Through their actions, they show and remind me how to take risks, how to face down fear, and how to truly live a good life. I cry every time I watch one, and then I get fired up.

So what about you? Are there any tips that you have that helps keep your momentum from stalling?

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