IMG_0263Before I could come up with some major hacks to keep me in momentum, I first needed to identify when and how those momentum-sucking vampires, and their fellow playmates: demons of doubt, the procrastination pals, and interrupting it’s, played havoc with my goals and my dreams. So I spent the week logging when and where they showed up.

The simple act of keeping a log of what goes on during your day is a game changer, because you have evidence to help you identify what it is you actually do with your time. I know, sometimes I wish I was living in Vegas, too.

I noticed that interruptions that were out of my control, i.e., the phone, an email alert, my family members needing help, caused me to take more than a half an hour to get back to where I was. This only happened with work that took a lot of focus and concentration like writing, or doing math. 🙂 Once, I was in the right frame of mind, I could continue with what I was doing. However, sometimes I just gave up, because the energy it took to get back into that frame of mind was not worth the effort when there were better, more pleasant activities to choose from to occupy my time.

The other types of momentum killers like doubt and fear were easy to identify, because I would find myself having to check Facebook, or needing to see the cool, latest pins that were on Pinterest. I justified these excursions into eye candy by identifying how essential and helpful they were to my creative process…I was getting ideas, right?

Finally, the third type of momentum sucker centered on not knowing what to do next. It had to do with lack of preparation and planning. I then quickly justified my need to do more “research” through mindlessly pleasant activities like perusing the pages of Pinterest.

In the end, I knew exactly what was at the bottom of my momentum sucking, bottom-dwelling gremlins and their playmates.

Now, what to do about the cure?

Thanks for reading. Until next time,