imageThey belong exclusively to you. No one can steal them from you. When you open your eyes for the first time, in that brief second, that breath before you think and your programming kicks in, you have a choice: How are you going to shape your next thought? Huh? Yes, the sleep from the night before has cleansed you, and you are free to begin the day anew — what thoughts will you choose to enter your awareness?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately, because I have been researching the topic of momentum. See these posts for more information: Dominoes The Art of the Momentum Sucker Momentum Matters

What I have learned is this: we have a window of opportunity to set the ball rolling when we first wake up each day. If we set the intention to look for the good, to look for what we like, to appreciate all that we have, to be amazed that we have another day ahead, it makes it easier for us to get into momentum, because we are training ourselves to look for the very things that give us the “chemical cascade” (A series of chemical or physiological processes that occur in successive stages, each of which is dependent on the preceding one, to produce a culminating effect.)that opens us up to growth. Wendy Hart describes this as looking for “the golden moments” in our lives. She goes on to say that if we start the day with those chemicals being released in our systems, the choice of what we do and what we think about changes.

I am going to experiment with this concept this week with the goal of getting clearer on cause and effect with all other things being equal. Each morning when my eyes first flutter open, I will wake up with the intention of looking for the good, of appreciating what I have, and of looking for what I like and then will document my choices for the rest of my day. What about you? Do you think this concept is worth an experiment of your own?

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