KindnessSo I was thinking about kindness a lot this week, and how it inspires everyone it touches . Just last night, at the Tropical Smoothie place, the lady at the counter gave me a free cookie, because she saw me give mine to my daughter. (It was that cookie. The hidden chocolate chip cookie in my purse that I had bought from her on the sly so that no one would hit me up for a bite later. :)) When I asked her why she gave me a free cookie, she said that seeing my gesture made her day! Wow! I got rewarded for selflessly giving some cookie love. That got me thinking more about this.

You never hear anyone say, “Stop, don’t be kind to me!” When we get cut off in traffic, we rail at the injustice, but if someone allows us in, we think “How kind of them. That was really nice.” There is something about kindness that makes people grateful for it, and then it inspires them to pay that kindness forward.

I wonder why there isn’t more kindness? Is it because of what Mother Theresa said, ..”If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. ” She goes on to say, ” Be kind, anyway.”

I kind of agree with her. When I think back at the random acts of kindness that I have done over the year: Paying for a drink for the driver in back of me at McDonald’s, paying the bridge toll for the car behind me, buying a bouquet of flowers for the Salvation Army lady who is freezing as she rings her bell on a cold night, helping a tween with a weapons form, etc… I don’t think, “Oh, what a waste of time.” I don’t think anything at all. It’s what I feel. I feel a smile that fills my whole body. A smile that I can’t get anywhere else.

So I am thinking, that maybe, just maybe, by my sharing my story, you might be inspired to pass on a little kindness wherever you go to today. I get all toasty just thinking about the possibilities.

Be brave – be kind!

Until next time,