In the past few weeks, this theme has been coming up time and again in the coaching conversations that I have had. I thought this perspective might help others as well. It is time, once again, to share my thoughts.

On Wholeness.

People are born whole. They are whole. They will die whole. It is intrinsic in their creation. It is their life experiences that chip away at this self knowledge. These experiences distort the truth, and make one doubt what one knows. What you learn to “believe” you are, or what others tell you that you are may not be the truth. Falling into the trap that feedback defines you as in “I must be like that, and not this, because this person or experience says so” is not only harmful to your spirit, it corrodes your ability to take the action that you may truly need. You decide, and no one else, what serves your spirit.

Judgement and opinion are the truth for the person who is expressing a judgement or an opinion (maybe); it is not, necessarily, your truth, unless you agree with them. Trust yourself. Feedback gives you valuable information. It tells you what is working, and what isn’t working. Evaluate it accordingly. That’s it. It doesn’t define you or your worth.You decide how you want to use that feedback in service of you, and what you need in this life. No one else can decide that for you unless you let them.

Your worth doesn’t ever change – it is your birthright.

Until next time,