img_0491When someone passes away, we tend to ask question. The first question is when? The second question is how? Then the barrage of “what it means” questions happen: Was it too soon? Was it too late? Did he suffer? Did she know I loved her? Did I get to say goodbye? Did I say everything I wanted to say?

Sometimes you and I feel we did enough. We remember the good, and maybe, forget the bad. We remember the smiles, and maybe, forget the tears. Sometimes you and I are satisfied.

Sometimes we think there is plenty of time. So, we put off that phone call or visit. We get  busy. We had things to do. And there is always tomorrow — until one day, tomorrow turns into I was too late. That’s when we realize that we didn’t have it,we  didn’t get it, and we missed it. True?

And what happens then?

Will you and I be satisfied with our rememberings? Or will we want to forget that we were too busy, too tired, or just not in the mood to have that visit, to have that conversation, to just be with them one more time.

My want for you is that you are satisfied.

Until next time, remember what matters most and act on that!