img_5337Do you remember when your mom made you sort your clothes? Socks went into the sock drawer, and shirts went into the shirt drawer and so on? I remember thinking that it was such a pain. Why couldn’t I just put my clothes where I felt like it? Usually, that would be on the floor of my bedroom!! It was so much easier, because then I could see what I wanted.

In that sock drawer, did you have socks that you hadn’t worn in years? Or did you have socks that were missing the matching pair? Or maybe you did what I did, grabbed a pair of socks that didn’t match, because you were in a hurry? I think the fad to wear mix-matched socks among 5th graders stemmed from the fact that they couldn’t find the matching pair! 🙂

Well if you have, you are not alone! Take a close look at the picture above. That is my daughter’s sock drawer. I think this sock drawer thing must be genetic.

I’m wondering if your sock drawer mimics how you manage your schedule? There is very little organization to your calendar, because easy and quick is how you operate. Do you..

… throw everything on your calendar?

… work through your list and grab what you need?

… do whatever is listed first without really thinking about why?

That is the same feeling I get when I have too much to do, and not enough time! I feel overwhelmed, and unclear as to whether I am getting the important stuff done.

Is your calendar causing  you unnecessary stress, forgotten action items, and anxiety because you don’t have a system to manage your tasks? Or if you do have a system, it is not as efficient as it could be. Bottom line, a better system = less stress, and more done in less time. Who wouldn’t want more time? Who wouldn’t want less stress? Exactly.

So what do you do?

Here are some steps that help you organize and work your schedule without it making you feel like it is a chore:

  1. Take about 15 minutes and look at your tasks for the day
  2. What is the one thing or things that are not urgent? Cross them off your list
  3. What is the one thing or things that are not urgent but important? Put them at the bottom of your list
  4. What is the one thing or things that are urgent and important? Put them at the top of your list
  5. Once you have your list prioritized, answer this question, “What is the one thing that by doing it would make everything easier or unnecessary?”
  6. Look at your list and combine like activities. When you combine like activities, you are more efficient, because you are using a similar skill set to tackle them. For example, make all your phone calls at the same time
  7. Do the One thing and complete it first. ****If you finish this one thing, it fires you up and gives you more energy to complete your other tasks****
  8. Once your tasks are completed look at your non urgent things,  and ask, “What is the one non urgent thing you could finish that would make everything easier or unnecessary?” Then Do it!
  9. You rocked your schedule, now acknowledge that you kicked booty today. That means you did good!

I use this system every day, and it has made a huge difference in what I accomplish in the day, and how I feel about it. Your schedule doesn’t have to look like a teenager’s sock drawer anymore!!

If you would like to learn more about me and what I do, head on over to Challenge Your Vision and look around. I may be able to help you out.


Until next time,Christine




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