Use these tips to help create the space you need for the people and experiences that matter most to you.

I was thinking that since we are well into January, a simple, short and sweet blog post was in order to give you some tips to handle the stacking of activities, and thereby, the stacking of emotional experiences that can happen during the beginning of the year. It can all feel so stressful, no?

Just remember that no stacking = less intensity and less intensity = reduced stress. Do any of these sound familiar?

“Can’t we stay longer, if we just cancel the afternoon?”

“Do we have to go to that … ?”

“Let me check my schedule. How about 3 months from Tuesday?”

“I can’t, because I have to …”

“Can you wait just a few more minutes, I want to do …”

“If I had the time, we could, but we can’t so we won’t…”

“Can you do it? I can’t leave work until …?”

“I want to start … but when can I find the time?”

We hear these phrases from people of all ages and they center around time compression. When we don’t feel we have enough time, it makes it harder for us to show up with good intentions and with the right kind of energy to get the right things done in the right way. So what would make it easier for all of us to get the experiences that we want to have AND meet our obligations without feeling the added stress that comes with stacking activities?

Time is on your side and so am I!

Christine Jeffrey

Check out the infographic to your left. These proven methods will help you find some breathing room in your already busy life. May it give you the space you need to, well, have it all! 🙂

Have a great week and make the most of the time you have!

Until next time,

Your friendly neighborhood Coach ” Time Tips Are My Specialty