hungryMy head still hurts.

Last night was so much fun. The homemade cheese, peppers, and onion pizza was yummy, and the conversation was fun and lively. Sheila (name changed to protect the innocent :)) and I were sipping  wine, chatting about life and loves, while our girls were busy dancing to the lively 80’s mix boppin in the background.

It always happens like this.

You know what I mean. You’ve done it, too; innocently, and without forethought. My glass was lonely, and Sheila, being the host-ess with the most-ess, (I see those eyes rolling) went to fill it. Without a second thought, I said, “Yes, please,” and secure in the knowledge that I was answering with my best interest at heart.

The rest of the evening was spent in reverie, learning the secrets of “bath bomb” making (who knew such a thing existed?!) and cookie baking for the girls. We all had so much fun, and I headed back home, happily and safely, without any thought about what the consequences would be!

It always happens in the morning.

Flash to this morning. I usually get up at 4:30am — no joke. I am one of those early risers, and bust it out, baby,  before my energy starts to flag. So I wake up, and I am feeling unusually groggy, and my neck hurts, and my muscles are tight, and my head feels like it is in a vice — not the industrial strength kind, but a vice that kids play with, you know the kind that makes you feel the pressure, but doesn’t actually stop you.

Oooh, I think,  I may have a wee bit of a  … I need some water and ibuprofen, pronto. As I start moving around more, my head starts to pound, and the groggy feeling has morphed into that feeling. Oh crap! How can a glass and a half of wine do this to a grown woman?! I mean, really, it was a glass and a half! Lost in reverie of the injusticeness of “older age” for a moment , and when my indulgence is spent, I focus on what I can do given the circumstances being what they are.

Muscle through it.

Yeah, not a good plan. I try to work on my Webinar, and the screen keeps getting blurry the harder I force myself to focus. I try to work on an instagram post that would typically take me 10 minutes, tops,( you can follow me here if you like)only  it took me thirty-five minutes to post. Finally. Muscling through it was not a smart plan.

Smart plan emerges.

Key question, “What can I do that is productive, but acknowledges the painful reality that my fried brain is not going to work the same this morning?” Answer: Let’s go shopping!

So I head out to Publix. Hey, did you know that Publix is not crowded at 7:30am? Did you notice the time you just read? Yes, it took me three hours to come to this decision. Clearly, too much wine, i.e., a half a glass more, is not my friend.

Realization hits. You know it bugs me. I am a smart, productive, go-getter type of girl out to do good works, and change the world, one conversation at a time. So when I make a decision that messes with that, I have to think about where I messed up, and how to ensure that I make better choices next time.

The three C’s are key.

Consumption. Let’s face the truth, consumption rocks. Whether it is a glass of wine, yummy dark chocolate, or fantastic, kick-ass high heels or whatever moves you, it’s awesome. However, consumption when it distracts you, or takes you from something meaningful and important to you, is not so awesome. You end up feeling a tad, well, yucky. That feeling is the clue that tells you to reevaluate, create a plan that includes just enough to make you feel good, so that next time, you set things up to win.

You can tell, I like to win. I bet you like to win, too.

 Contribution. Yeah. This one makes you feel great. You feel like you matter, because you add something valuable to your home, to your family life, to your friends, to work and to the world. There is only one you , so do you to the best of your ability.

Creation. If your head is pounding this is not a possibility. So see the paragraph on consumption as a reference. 🙂 Creation is the vehicle through which you shine. Only you – reminds me of that song, but it is still true. There is only something you can bring to the party, and no one else. If you think you can’t create, you are smoking something…and probably it is an illegal substance of some kind! All joking, aside – creation is, in my opinion, one of the main reasons we are alive. When we are alive, we create. You do it everyday, you just may not be aware of what you are creating, so make your creation, intentional.

With that being said, I propose that on Christmas, you create one thing – one little thing- that represents the purity of your heart, the veracity of your spirit and captures the intention of celebration during this time of year. Don’t judge the quality of what you do, don’t measure it up against others, just bring what is uniquely you, and see how you change the world – one small act at a time!

Happy Holidays!!

Until next time,