dreamstime_m_31165919It’s 2017 and my inbox is slammed with ways to help me make the most of this year. I have offers from almost every self development expert out there. Why? I love the industry, and as a coach, I want to learn the best tools available for myself and for my clients. Frankly, I know they are great people trying to do good works, and at this time of year, there is a huge opportunity to capitalize on the momentum and hope we feel that a new year will bring. I think, however, with all of their good intentions flowing into my inbox like the Colorado rapids, I get overwhelmed by choice. So I default to simple. First, can I create some space in my schedule to think, to reflect, and to breathe? I don’t know what to choose, but I want to choose something to do, to learn and to experience this year. But first, I just need some time to think. I had an amazing 2016 despite some personal heartache, but for some of us, it wasn’t so amazing at all. Maybe there was a death in the family, a loss of a friendship, unnecessary bickering, or a health challenge that has consumed our attention? Doesn’t it make sense that before we dive in, jump in with both feet, or take the plunge — what is it with these metaphors?? — we take a moment, and just be?

For me, I haven’t made any firm commitments with regard to goals, right now. Instead, I am slowly getting acclimated to the water. Testing the temperature, seeing what feels right, and laying the groundwork for what I have decided will be an amazing year for me and my family. I suppose you can call that “a resolution.” A resolution is a firm commitment, a decision to do or not to do something. So when we are talking about “resolutions” we are really talking about the commitment it takes to achieve the goals we want in our lives. No wonder only 45% of us will even declare a resolution according to the University of Scranton Study on Resolutions, December 2016. In that same study, they found that by the end of the year, only 8% out of the original 45% were successful at achieving their goals. If the past is a good predictor of the future, that doesn’t bode well for New Year’s Resolutions.

Maybe the reason why that number is so low is because we focus on the wrong thing. We decide to go after a goal, because it sounds good, or it would be nice if we did that, or got this. But we are not “resolute” in our attainment of the goal. Maybe a better way would be to give some thought to how we want to feel about our lives, how we want to feel about ourselves,  and how we want to feel about who we hang out with each day, before we choose a goal to be resolute about. Maybe then the 92% who make resolutions will become part of the 8% who make them a reality.

So if you are like me and want to take a moment to reflect, I have a free gift for you. I created a fun year in review that takes 15 minutes to do, and that you can do with your family. It will have you revisit the highlights of 2016, and will also get you thinking about what you may want to have happen in 2017. Click here for the download year-in-review1.

Have a great week! Time is on your side, and so am I!!

Until next time,