fullsizerender2” I was f-ing superman when I closed that deal! I can do no wrong!! Bring it! What’s next?!!” Can you feel that energy, power and conviction? If you are like most of us, at one time or another, you have heard or said something like it. Which got me to thinking, “What’s up with this superhero thing, and how can I use it?”

These days, superheroes are everywhere. Not only in our imaginations, but on TV shows, t-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and at your favorite dress up shop. As you know, we flock to the movie theaters to see them do epic battles, suffer, and then come back to to be victorious. We know it’s going to end up that way, but the doubt we experience during the journey blinds us to the fact that heroes always win. It just might be not in the way we think. Do you know what I mean?

So, this superhero thing has kinda been haunting me. While I was at a conference about a week or so ago, I could close my eyes and imagine the big guy on stage in a cape with his x-ray vision, ready to fly off at a moment’s notice to save the world from itself!!! Oh my gosh, that thought is not very  far from the truth.  Have you ever noticed that we want to make super-heroes out of the people we admire most?

Joseph Campbell wrote a book about heroes, and why they touch us so deeply. You can check it out here.  According to Campbell, heroes are us. Just in case you didn’t get that, I will say it again. You and I have heroic tendencies, and when we see people we admire do brave and noble things, that recognition is ignited. In short, Campbell believes that the hero’s journey is a path of self discovery that ultimately actualizes us to be the best version of ourselves, and leads us to share our journey with others.

Guess what I used to do for fun? I would go across the street in front of my house, jump the fence, and navigate the hillside to get to the park. Then I would run through my drills: spear throwing with the reed grass, obstacle course, imaginary bow and arrow shooting, climbing hills to evade attack, and finally, lassoing suspect bushes to force them to tell me the truth. I didn’t really care if an adult would watch me with amusement. If another kid came to the park, they would, inevitably,  want to jump in and help me defeat the bad guys. Wonder Woman was my girl. Linda Carter, all by herself, ignited the imagination of girls everywhere. Never before did we have a TV series that portrayed a woman as the star of the show. A star, by the way,  that was beautiful, strong, smart and kind.fullsizerender

Yes, this is me as my favorite super hero a couple of Halloween’s ago. Notice the lasso of truth. You, probably, can’t see it from the photo, but my invisible plane is parked in our driveway ready for my next adventure. Isn’t it funny that I really became a commercial pilot, and certified flight instructor, or that one of my basic values is to search for the truth in real life? I think it is no accident, because I think the superhero we admire most embodies the qualities that we most like to experience in ourselves.

So I am wondering, who is your favorite superhero and why? Perhaps by asking that question, you will discover something amazing about yourself. What would life be like for you if you embodied the characteristics you love most about your hero, and lived those values every day? I encourage you to go out, and become your own superhero. It is not only fun, it may just bring you back to the excitement of discovery, and the feeling of being the best version of you that is possible. By the way, just so you know, superheroes live among us. They leave clues, so look for them. That lady next door may have the skill set you need to learn, or the man at the grocery store who is bagging your groceries may have the solution to a problem. When people don’t openly wear their capes they hard to identify. You never know, unless you start asking some questions.

If you have any questions, or have some superhero ideas you want to share, you can reach me at info@challengeyourvision.com. If you need some help with mindset or skill set development,  you can go to my website for more information at challengeyourvision.com

Thanks for reading, and until next time,

You are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!