lightningI just got back from a conference in West Palm Beach, FL. What a total mind fu–! Not the bad kind, but the good kind!! The kind that transforms your mindset, while expanding your capacity to give with all of your heart. From that event, I got a feeling that I needed to share with you some of the key insights that I have learned when I was put into that kind of immersive environment for 5 days.

One of the most beautiful things about being human is our capacity for story telling. The way we can weave a tapestry of phrases into something that moves and touches us deeply is truly extraordinary. The stories that were shared at this conference made us laugh and cry. They inspired us to be more than who we believe ourselves to be. But there is also a danger in storytelling, and that danger happens when we use our stories in a way that causes us to get caught up in the emotion of the experience, and in doing so, we miss the truth that is right in front of our faces. Enjoy my key insights, and if I can be of help to you, check me out at my website

Key Insight 1: Business is a spiritual game. It is the greatest expression of your values. Treat it with the same respect.

Key Insight 2: We make things too complicated. Break it down into manageable pieces.

Key Insight 3:  Separate your explanation of events from the facts of the events. By doing that you become very clear about cause and effect.

Key Insight 4: Ask better questions. The better the question, the better your results. For example, “What am I missing?” vs. “I know it is this and this and this, what are we going to do about it?”

Key Insight 5: You need a birds-eye view of your life and your business, as well as a daily action plan. If you have one but not the other you can easily get lost.

Key Insight 6: Save your freak out for the abnormal problems. The normal ones, are, well, normal. You will also have a happier existence when daily problems are viewed through this lens.

Key Insight 7: Fear and Faith are both imagined.Which team do you want to play on? If you use fear as a trigger for your faith, your potential for success goes up immeasurably.

Key Insight 8: Mutual Fund Managers are robbing our children of their inheritance. We need to fix this bull shit.

Key Insight 9: Meditation is the key to focus. Focus is the key to success. Success happens when we focus on the right things. We focus on the right things when we ask the right questions. The right question is usually, “What am I or what are we missing?”

Key Insight 10: If you don’t schedule time for play, you are missing out on the joy of life. What little thing can you add to your day that will bring you more fun? The quality of your daily life can be vastly improved by this one act.

These insights are only a few of the many I learned over these past five days. The people I met at this event were amazing souls with big hearts who want to make a difference in the world. One of them gave me this piece of advice. She said, “Five is death.” I didn’t really understand what she meant, and she went on to explain. “On a scale from one to 10, if you are at a five, if you are comfortable, you are dead.” Then it hit me.

Drive doesn’t exist in comfort. You have to pull yourself away from that and choose the discomfort. The discomfort that will make you grow. I needed to hear that message, because there are times when I LOVE my comfyness. I got my hot cocoa, and my fuzzy jamies, and the tv shows that I love to escape in, and the great food I want to savor. But relaxation and enjoyment isn’t the main goal of life! It is in the pursuit and the attainment of our dreams that we feel excited and proud.

I am in the business of life coaching and martial arts. What I really do is teach you the skill set and the mindset to create a life that excites you and that makes you proud to call your own. Relaxation and comfort come after the good fight. It comes after the battle has been fought for the day. It is not a goal in and of itself. It is the reward for living a life on your own terms. Comfortable is death to a soul that is meant to be alive.

Here is a link for more information about the man and the message who put on this event. He changes lives daily, and has made the world a better place, by simply choosing that his life is going to be the one HE created. You can do the same.

Until next time,Christine