photo9Can you hear Fifth Harmony singing that line? There is something deep and true in the way they sing it. We are alive at this point in time! This is the most amazing time in history, and, yes, we are created from star material, but, sometimes, we just don’t feel like it.

Do you know what I mean? You know you’re here for a reason, but somehow, life gets in the way and you get caught up in the drama of it all. You lose focus, and you get off track. That’s true, right? You lose focus, you get off track, and wonder what happened? What’s also true is that you do get back into the groove, you do get back on track, and you do start moving forward again.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just short circuit the process, and get back to it faster?

Imagine. Yes, let’s pretend that you’ve chartered a private jet to a place that you’ve always dreamed about. You get settled into  your sleek, beige leather seat, and look out the window with all the anticipation of someone who has arrived.

You know you’ve worked hard. You’ve earned this. No, you deserve this. A smile that satisfies passes your lips, as you sip the champagne that has just been served to you by your very own steward. “Yes, I will have another. Thank you.” You sigh that sigh, and continue your reverie of admiration, satisfaction, and contentment. It does feel, oh, so good to be you in this moment.

You’ve made it to the top. You’ve accomplished every goal, and have overcome every obstacle. There is nothing left for you to do, but to bask in your glory, the glory that is you.

Then the alarm goes off, and you reach for the snooze button. Just five more minutes can get you back to that place where you were just about to take off to enjoy your dream destination all caused by you.

The alarm goes off again. Now it’s time to get back to reality. The routine and pace of a life that you agreed to live. Not very many of us live in a world, in which, we have a private jet at our beck and call. Nor do many of us live in a world that every obstacle has been eliminated. In fact, I don’t know of anyone who lives in a world without problems, challenges or obstacles. Do you?

We all have problems. We just tend to believe that if you have a jet at your disposal, we want your kind of problem. We believe that if we had a bunch of money, the problems would be easier to manage. Would they really be easier? And if we want to check out of our lives, and ditch it all to become expats surfing in Bali every day, well, we could. The problem with this kind of imagining isn’t how wonderful it makes us feel. The problem is pretending that the struggles of people with means, or the people down the street are preferable to our own.

It’s Bull. If I were Tony Robbins, I could drop a multiple stream of F-bombs right now to shock and shake you out of your explanation about why life is better when you have a gazillion dollars, or if you had Laura’s problems, or Luke’s struggles. Life may be easier in some respects, but human beings are ingenious at f-ing up their own happiness. You don’t know what another person’s struggles are. You don’t know what they are experiencing, nor can you imagine it. So when you look at their problems, or lack there of, you think they have it BETTER than you. They don’t. They have it DIFFERENT than you.

Different isn’t Better. Different is just that. We forget that our neighbor with the private jet who vacations four times a year has problems that we cannot even begin to understand. Just recently, a famous author with a beautiful family found out he was dying from cancer. He spent Christmas in a hospital bed. If you didn’t know about his private struggle, you would think he had it all: Money, lifestyle, amazing friends, family, a great relationship et al. You would, maybe, envy him, and think, “Geez, I would love to have his life!!”  Would you if you knew the whole story? Would you really?

One of the most hurtful things we do is make assumptions — assumptions about other people, but more importantly, assumptions about who we are, and what we are capable of achieving. So what to do? It comes down to a simple choice. Every person we talk to is smart, capable, creative and talented. (Oh yes, they are. We have just been conditioned to go through our checklist of success to see if they measure up. Who said our checklist is THE checklist of smart, capable, creative and talented? And if we are judging others in that way, how are we judging ourselves?)

Do you want to become a Snoozer or do you want to become a Doer?

Have you ever noticed how much free time Snoozers have? They can spend hours watching their favorite shows over and over again, or talk incessantly about how this or that doesn’t work. These Snoozers like to talk, they like to watch, and they even like to criticize others, at times, but Snoozers rarely take action on making their lives filled with excitement and pride. They live life in the margins, because that is where they feel comfortable.

Snoozers vs. Doers. Do you think someone who earned enough money to own a private jet is a Snoozer in disguise? Do you think he or she can reenact every scene from The Flash down to the timing? Nooo. The Snoozers can kick his ass when it comes to pop trivia, but the Doers can kick the Snoozers’ collective asses when it comes to living a life of fulfillment and contribution.

The difference is focus. I can tell you right now that people who live a life that excites them, and that makes them proud don’t hit the snooze button. When the sky is awake, they are awake because they HAVE to play. Feel the power of that? Even when the sky is asleep, they still want to play, because life is just that good. They got Fifth Harmony on replay, as they are making it possible for their dreams to happen TODAY.

Don’t misunderstand. Doers can get tired. Doers can fail, and sometimes, fail badly in public. They can fail a lot, but here’s the difference — failure doesn’t faze them, anymore. They have learned that failure spurs them on to find a different way — a way that works.

So who do you want to be when you grow up? A Doer who falls flat on his or her face, but keeps getting up to live a life that is meaningful, and that is full of fulfillment and contribution? Or a Snoozer who wants that extra 5 minutes of day dreaming, because reality doesn’t measure up? The choice is yours.

Whew! I was fired up this morning, and my hope is that I got some of you inspired to take some action, because it is in  action that you find the happiness you seek.

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Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be.