I was at my networking meeting this morning, and gave my 2 minute infomercial. The substance of the talk was to introduce the idea that you can condition yourself to have your best days more often:

…A lot of us tend to use a small amount of our ability, and when we get challenged, stressed, or even when we have a bad day, oftentimes, our best selves don’t show up, precisely because, we haven’t condition that skill. We forget what we are going to say, we take short cuts, and we even lose our tempers. As a result, we can get disappointed and feel stuck. We can then believe that the explanations we have about why we can’t get what we want are all true and that they define our capabilities.

A coach can teach you how to have your best days more often, and help you to condition that skill so that you can have the focus, confidence and clarity you need to succeed…”

You see many of us don’t realize that a lot of successful characteristics people have are actually skills that everyone of us can develop. When I got home,  I logged on to Facebook and saw this interview Mel Robbins did with Impact Theory host Tim Bilieu.

All I can say is that she gave a beautiful explanation of how we can mess with ourselves! In her honest retelling of the struggles she has faced and overcome, she shares with the viewer how to condition a skill that gets you out of worry, anxiety, or procrastination and into actions that work. It is well worth the time investment. Don’t watch your favorite TV show until you watch this interview!

I hope that you enjoyed watching Mel, and take action on what you hear. When you do, it will be a game changer for you! If you want to learn more about Mel Robbins, her book,  or Impact theory, click the links below:


The Five Second Rule


Thanks for reading, and until next time,


Remember your so much more than who you believe yourself to be!