Oh my gosh! So yeah, I was talking to my Coach on Tuesday about our upcoming trip to California to take care of my mom when he throws out the challenge bomb! Here I was all content to let things just be when he tests me, challenges me, or how he likes to say, “I am merely asking you a question?!!” Darn … and I thought I was inches away from a clean get away … a getaway to stay small, quiet and unseen until I have – you guessed it – evolved into the perfect version of myself as a successful life coach. Darn, darn, darn.

Yep. Now I had to answer the challenge, because of how he explained it to me. Don’t you hate it when someone, usually smarter than how you feel at that particular moment, says the right thing in the right way that makes you feel like you HAVE to face your fears head on?  I couldn’t say no after he explained it to me.

Here’s how it went down:

J: You need to do a Facebook Live every week. You’re great on video and I think you have a lot to say, AND I think you could say it without taking a lot of time to prepare. In fact, I think you should just do it.

Scared sh–less me: Thank you for saying that. I’m not ready. I can’t just Do it? I need to prepare. I don’t know what I will say. I just … I don’t know…

J: (Going in for the hook) You know, Christine, people like to evolve in private. You know what I mean?

Curious me: Huh? What do you mean “Evolve in private?”

J: What I mean is that they want to go into a room, in the dark, and perfect everything, and then come out of their room and share.

Me: Yes. Exactly. I want it perfect before I share.

J: (Going in for the kill) Yeah, but Christine, don’t you think people who need help need to see the evolution? Don’t you think where you are at right now will help somebody???

Nailed Me: (He got me.) Okay, fine. I’ll do it

We chat for a little bit more and then he goes for the jugular:

J: Hey, I think you should just talk. Don’t prepare. Just think about it a little, maybe make some bullet points, but don’t prepare like you usually do.

Me: Crap.

Facebook Live – For Real~ The link below is to my facebook live that I christened #Whiteboard Wednesdays!! It turned out to be a lot of fun, and while I did have a little glitch here or there, I was proud of my effort, and amazed that when I decided and committed to this project, my results made me feel like so excited about what the next day would bring just like I felt when I was a young girl and hit a home run on the practice field. (Back then, girls were not allowed to play Little League Baseball.)

Face that Fear. Who knew that by facing this type of fear, I could feel so good about sharing my life lessons with an audience. My coach was right, public evolution does have its benefits in not only helping others, but also in helping myself. And with that,  another fear has bitten the dust! Here is the link to that seminal facebook live spot:

I was challenged. I accepted. I conquered!


Speaking of facing fears and designing a life that works for you, if you would like a tool  that will help you get started  living your life on your own terms, you can click below. It’s a free resource that asks you some key questions that helped me and my clients.




Free Worksheet, which you can click to save the picture and then print it out, was part of what I talked about yesterday. We all have a “Code” with which we live by. But what some of us may not know is that we can change it. A code has three parts: A rule that says: If ___________________ then that will make feel _______________________, and when I feel that, I will do ______________________. So if you just change your rule, you can pretty much change what you do. Why not make your code be the code of your life? What you stand for, what you believe in, and who you are when you are your best self? What would it feel like if you could show up as your best self regardless of circumstance? I want that skill for you!

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the show. There is a lot of actionable wisdom in that 7 minute video and if I can face my fears, you can, too!


Until next time, remember, you are so much more than who you think yourself to be