As is always my intention with these posts, I want to share tips, tools, and strategies to improve the quality of my life and yours – in an easy way – to bring more light, more joy and more love into it.

There is a lot of suffering around us, and I aim, in my small way, to help bring a little more light and love into the world.

These past couple of days have been a challenge for me both physically and emotionally. So it is kind of ironic that I had been planning to do a blog post on motivation for a while now, and when I needed it most, and when I asked for it, all of these wisdom teachers appeared to lend a helping hand.

I have so much to share but first I want to address the word motivation. It is not a bad word!!

Words are just words, people! We make them powerful by the emotions we give them. Words exist to help us to communicate our unique experience to others, because no one else can truly feel what we feel, or know what we mean unless we explain it to them.

So if you got a problem with the word “motivation,” like one of my faves , Mel Robbins does, that problem may not exist for others in the same way. Some may define motivation differently than you. It could be defined as energy, 0bsession, work ethic, happiness, a decision, a good vibe and so on.

My definition. When I speak about motivation, I mean the ALL-SPARK! – LOL like from the Transformers movies. Motivation to me is the life force, the “CHI” that we connect to in order to do what we want to do when we want to do it.


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We were at the ER for what seemed like an eternity. My mom had an infection that was winning the war against the meds she was taking. I know that no one wants to be in the ER on a Tuesday night, but it seemed that everyone in the Roseville area had decided that the ER was THE place to be that night!

Finally, I joked with one of the nurses that they should have a full service salon on call so that we can at least enjoy the endless waiting for rooms, results, and resolutions! He agreed, but then joked that no one would ever want to go home!!

Yesterday. As is my practice every Wednesday, I get on Facebook Live to share some information to make people’s lives just a little bit better. I tried four friggin times to get on, but half way through, I would get the evil black screen that said “connection was lost”. Finally, I gave up to share on another day.

Because of my friends, instead of giving up and writing it off till next week – I mean who could blame me with everything that has been going on, right? I will do it today!!!

So look for it, and I will link this blog post to it. Hopefully, the Facebook Gods will allow me to keep my connection going long enough to speak my peace or piece or both!!

Now to the meat.  I asked my friends on Facebook, ” How do you re-motivate yourself when you have lost your mojo?”, and again, they shared some really great tips and ideas that helped me these last couple of days when I found my motivation – the connection to the ALLSPARK —  weak and challenged.

Below are their answers and I separated the comments into two categories: Internal and External Motivation with links. Take what you need, and add them to your own recipe to bring yourself back 🙂

INTERNAL MOTIVATION – I’ve broken it down into three parts – Mindset, Spirituality and Movement.


Frank: For me…. As Tony says, I go back to Conditioning. I follow RPM religiously. Not only is it a habit, its defined life with action and thoughts. :RPM

Bert:(In my opinion) the solution is not to deal with the symptom of the problem – – losing your “mojo” – – but in reality to have a personal program of self-development. Say my definite main purpose statement more often and with more emotion from  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Samantha: Start saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way!! I find I get in my slump when I stop trying new things.

Leslie:I would love to share a podcast with you. Personal Note: This is a fantastic talk that has tons of wisdom and inspirational stories Les Brown, “How To Be More Hungry” 

Chris:I don’t lose my mojo, what I do is too important to me to do so.That has always worked for me Christine, if your shine is starting to fade, you have to ask yourself. ‘What in my life isn’t working for me.’ Then change it or the way you think about it, or both.

Brian:Remember my past struggles and how I never want to return

Mona:Make things u love be closer to god don’t give any attention or remember bad things happened or people u have known make a travel to any country make new and crazy things u have never done ??

Kim: 1. Take a day off and go to the beach. 2. Try something new for a day just to shake things up. 3. Spend some time thinking about why you do what you do. Look at pics, talk to someone, or read journal entries that remind you of this.

Joshua C:  A little Tony time never hurts! Tony Robbin’s videos can be found here: I want some Tony Time 🙂

Joshua S:Call Christine Jeffrey Thank you:)

Lars: Stop saying that you’ve lost your mojo would be a good first step

Kory: Write my goals down and read them over and over again tbh

Martin:  I do what I did yesterday…I read my book again ? Personal Note: You are an inspiration and I am going to read your book!…/dp/B06Y4D44WD/ref=sr_1_1…\

Lynn: Psych-K Frequently Asked Questions

Joy: Ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing…write it down. Then ask yourself why you’re doing that. Write it down.

Keep doing that to drill down ever deeper to your primal driving passionate fire that comes from your soul.

You’ll know you’ve hit on it when you can’t stop crying.

Then give gratitude for having reconnected with it…sit back and get really still and let the rush of downloads fill up your conscious awareness…

From that place you’ll remember why you did everything you’re doing and what uniquely lights up your sense of self and contribution to the world ?

Maureen: music and meditation, and doing things that are fun!


Pamela: Meditate!!!!

Marion: Get out of my head and in my heart… meditate; )

Jo-ellen: Deep breath and prioritize.

Matt: Prayers and meditations, being around those who life life to the fullest

Nancy: Meditate

Maureen: Music and meditation, and doing things that are fun!

Amy: Get quiet, breathe, meditation to start… get into alignment and it’s back to remembering who I am and how it all flows

Joe: Go back to my Lord . Ask him to give me what I need to keep on keeping on

Venice: Pray


Wade:  Tae kwon do

Heather: Music. I love to put on some of my favorite tunes. Nothing like singing and dancing along to some music to get things moving.

Brenda:I take Activate.. Gets me super charged and raring to go.. go..go

David: Ride the bike

Shamana: Rest



Lenka: Take a vacation and experience the finer things in life.

Toni: Take a holiday!

Me: Going to events like UPW , read inspiring stories of how people like you and me overcome adversity, taking trips to amazing places, asking people questions about their lives – everyone has a struggle or have struggled in the past that you know nothing about. Learning anything that will make be a better person!

You can check out Tony Robbins’ events Here

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. My hope is that you got some new ideas on how to get yourself back in the game when you are challenged. All it can take, sometimes, is just a little shift in your perspective to get yourself moving again!

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!