There I was sitting at the edge of the runway, watching my student pilot make her first attempt at a solo landing.

It took a lot of mindset and skill set training to get her to that day, and I was a little nervous watching her come in on final approach for the first time.

This memory came back to me so vividly as I prepared for #WhiteboardWednesdays – my Facebook Live show where I share tips, tools and strategies to make my life and your life just a little bit better. If you are wondering whether she made it, crashed, or somewhere in between, click on the video below!

I also asked my kind and wise Facebook friends, “Do you plan for obstacles, and if so how?” and here is what they said:

Deme, Danny, Hilda, Joe: all responded with God or prayer

Yvonne: I don’t plan for them, as it is a part of life, I pray that my confidence abounds, my wit is sharp and my humour right on point. If I can’t cry over spelt milk, I sure want to be able to laugh at about it. Laughter is the best medicine helps put thing in a brighter perspective. And helps me to see that what I am going through its potential to be harmful is only able to harm me by my perception of it. It is the only way I know now to deal with it.

Shannon: Yes, especially in business and traveling! I think about what could occur that would throw things off and process the best ways to get through them, and promptly forget them until something does go wrong – things do and as long as your not obsessing about the possible bad things, then I think preparation is key to success!

Whitney : Yes, my process is like ShannonWolfe’s. Some things don’t get ‘planned for’ because they’re less stressful and therefore more easily put out of my mind. I understand that visualizing bad things happening will likely help instigate SOME undesirable future event bc of the law of attraction. But I LOVE planning for how to manage worst-case scenarios when those possibilities are so stressful that they inhibit my ability to take positive action. If I weren’t a coward, I’d probably just focus on visualizing health and success 😉 but when I’m in a state of fear, nothing helps me generate courage and unleash positive energy like making peace with failure.


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I think, and the research supports this, that when you plan for obstacles and struggles, you are less likely to quit, you view the challenge as less painful, and you feel more confident that you will persevere.

I use the OKAY method to not only plan for my obstacles, but also to plan for my successes. Check it out:

O – Options. What are your options? You need to come up with three! As Tony Robbins says,

“When you have one option you have a problem. When you have two options, you have a dilemma. When you have three options, now you have a choice”

K – Kall. If you are still unsure as to what to do, call for help.

A – Action. Make a decision and take action.

Y – Yes. Yes you can apply feedback and modify your plan if necessary.

It’s called the OKAY Method because if you do these steps, it will be okay!

When you prepare for your struggles in advance, and you don’t quit, you will be successful — just like my student pilot who landed that plane – solo!

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Thanks for reading, and until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!