In the Age of Now, “how” to do anything is readily available. You and I have access to an unbelievable amount of advice, strategies, and even plans to help us succeed at whatever it is we want to do, to be or to have in our lives.

Which brings me to yesterday. It was my birthday, and I was so overwhelmed by the constant stream of thoughtfulness and good wishes that were sent my way that I was feeling really great about who I am and how I show up in the world.

But yesterday had a dark side, too. Let me share with you the low down.

As is my practice every Wednesday I go on Facebook Live and share my thoughts about cool books, tips, tools or strategies that help make our lives a little bit better.  But before Wednesday happened, Tuesday happened.

My computer crashed on Tuesday, the very same day  of my daughter’s online school orientation. Gone, crashed, kaput. I go to use my phone to tape the Facebook Live I do for a coaching group I am in, and the live stream keeps crashing, so I end up having to tape it instead. Then, Wednesday, our water heater broke and shot water out the top and flooded the laundry room. Then,  I go to do my Facebook Live, and well, the live stream crashes in the middle of the presentation and I don’t know it till I’m all like so proud of myself because I feel like I am getting better at this Live thing.

Normally, I would be a little stressed out – okay, frantic that I lost my book, my projects, my contacts et al, and I would have dropped everything to get my computer fixed ASAP. Normally, I would be beside myself trying to figure out a way to get the live stream working. Normally, I would have completely lost it by the time the water heater broke – and I would have believed that the Universe was f-ing with me – ON PURPOSE!

But that is not what happened, because I had been researching resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness. Who friggin knew that resourcefulness isn’t, necessarily, a system, a plan, a strategy, or an outside source that you get to help you?! Resourcefulness
is inside you.


My body and mind were in such a state of gratitude and grace that freaking out wasn’t even an option. I just asked, “Oh well … how can I solve what needs to get done immediately?” And I kept saying, “Oh well” every time something happened. Nothing seemed to faze me. It was almost like I was saying to the Chaos Gods, “What else do you got? Bring it?!”

The Tip for a Resourceful State : Anything that happens happens for you and NOT to you.

Below is my Facebook Live on Resourcefulness – unedited, raw and real. 40 seconds or so is missing due to a Live Stream Failure, but you will still get some good insight into yourself and tools to use to get yourself into a resourceful state when you need it.

I had a choice to not post at all, redo the whole Facebook Live, or just go with it and trust that everything in life happens for me. I posted this because one of my commitments is to PUBLIC EVOLUTION.

What that means is as I learn how to get better at talking about the topics that matter most to me – LIVE you get to see that evolutions with each post, video and live presentation I give.


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I knew something was different, and that was reinforced by all the messages of love and support I was getting throughout the day. Circumstances wouldn’t let me forget what a blessing my life was, and therefore, when things went wrong, I didn’t lose my poise, my sense of humor or my focus on the big picture.

supermanI was in an amazing and resourceful state, because of that experience. When I reached out to my friends on Facebook, they had some great wisdom to share about the resources they turn to when they need help:

Joshua – Someone who has been in that situation before

Allison – Bible

Here are some examples of what I am talking about:


  • Focused – Opportunity                   Focused – Comfort
  • Open                                                  Closed
  • Calm                                                   Angry
  • Possibility                                         Disappointment

When you find yourself in a position where you need to generate some solutions, before you go tap your network, or ask advice or get outside help. Turn inward first. Try Column A before letting Column B make you feel miserable. If you do, maybe instead of freaking out you might just ask, “Oh well, how can I figure this out?!” Then go tap your outside resources the experience might just be a game changer.

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I’m here to help.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!