There I was at the top of an aerobatic manuever enjoying the sights, the silence and the symmetry of being at one with the aircraft.

It had been awhile. Six weeks earlier, I had given birth to my daughter. Since then, every waking moment had been filled with feedings, changings, household chores, and very little sleep. I felt a lot like this cute cartoon I found.

There had been a lot of “merry-go-round” thinking with regard to my returning to work. I wanted to continue my career in flight instruction, but I just couldn’t figure out what schedule would keep my mind on the plane and off my daughter and what she was up to.


So I finally took some time to go fly, and at the top of this wingover, my body hits me upside my head with a red alert to let me know that it was time to feed my daughter. My brain, now clearly hijacked, starts in with, “Where’s my daughter?” “Who will feed her?” “Is she okay” all before I remembered that my hubby had it all under control. I finish the manuever, fly back to the airport, and successfully land. My next thought was, “I have to give up flying.”

That decision was made in an instant, but it took a lot of thought, and heart-rending discussions to come to that conclusion. Was it the right decision? Yes, it was. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

This week’s #WhiteboardWednesdays is about how a problem can not only become a source of strength, but also, can be the seed for a better life on the way. Check it out below:

#whiteboardwednesdays Blessings in disguise… Taped live … darn feed! Talk is about resourcefulness and how to help you and your kids to have options.

Posted by Challenge Your Vision on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

I also asked my Facebook friends about this topic and everyone who responded had a similar message:

Donna: When my husband of 20 years, left me and two of his and my children to go find himself. I ended up being a stronger mother and father…in other words I found myself and God is my chilrens Father. God blessed me. It’s not something I would have chose to do, I’m glad he went off …he wasn’t faithful or supportive, this helped me to become who I’d rather be today than who I might have ended up being.

Amy: All of them. Every time. The problem was always an illusion. Death is a problem. Life happens for us. I know you know this, which is why you asked. What a beautiful blessing of a question you’ve given to us all!!

Michelle: Current life in all professional aspects.

Hilda: Yes, health has always been a blessing for me! God has taught me a lot he is always with us. Things always happen in our life to make us grow in our faith with our father! The last one happen to me two weeks ago it was surgery that never happen. I had an allergy reaction to anesthesia, was put on a ventilator for two half days.

Anonymous: The first one that came to mind was it took me having a miscarriage for me to realize that I wanted to be a mother. Before that I had no interest in kids, and after that, I can’t imagine my world without them.


What about you? Was there a time in your life where you struggled with a problem only to realize that it was a blessing later on?  Below is one of the methods you can use to help you solve a problem more, quickly, effectively,  and become more resourceful in the process. I call it

“The OKAY Method.”

O – Options – As in what are they? You need to come up with at least three. I learned from Tony Robbins that if you have one choice, you have a problem. If you have two choices, you have a dilemma. If you have three choices – now you are generating a solution.

K – Kall – As in call for help. If none of the options are good ones, your job is to find the help you need. Ask people, Ask Google, Ask, Ask, Ask. Then decide.

A- Action – As in take action on your decision, and don’t to it half way. Fully commit to that decision, and see what happens.

Y- Yes You Can Apply Feedback – If your option worked – celebrate! If your option didn’t work, apply what you’ve learned, and modify it as necessary until you get the solution that satisfies you.

The more resourceful you become, the easier it is to recognize problems as nothing more than opportunities for growth and blessings in disguise.

Finally, I want to share with you a huge win today. I have been a supporter for Covenant House’s work in South Florida to help runaways get off the streets. Here is what the Director, Kevin, Ryan, wrote me:

We got him! Michael Lamb is a human trafficker, who “makes his living” buying and selling vulnerable kids. We discovered he was preying on homeless kids, and we tipped off the police and the district attorney. We worked closely with them to bring him to trial. And now, thanks to a recent criminal conviction, this predator won’t be buying or selling children any time soon…

Yes!! I want to give you a little nudge and to put a seed in your mind about helping parents and children, that you know, to develop this skill of resourcefulness. Make it a game.

Challenge yourself and your children to become experts at resourcefulness.

What I want for every one is to decide that when a problem arises,  the best option for them is NOT to go live on the street, but rather, they become young people who got the help they needed, and are proud of who they are and what they are doing.

Share this blog post and help those around you. Together, we will defeat these bad guys once and for all.

You can learn more about Covenant House and the great work they do here

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Thanks for reading, and until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!


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