Each morning, I would get up at 5am and write the pages of a workbook that I knew would help people live better lives – lives filled with more light and love. After many mornings had passed, I finally hit the submit button to have my workbook up on my website for sale.  I fully expected that once my book was up on my website, people would come to buy it. It was only later that I learned that not only was that NOT the strategy to use, I also learned that I was missing a couple of key steps in my “Make It Real” formula. Ouch!


This week’s #WhiteboardWednesdays is about how to take an idea, and not only make it real, but also, make it successful. Check it out:

#whiteboardwednesdays -Make It Real

Posted by Challenge Your Vision on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Creation is the ultimate expression of the human spirit — Christine Jeffrey

As I outlined in the video, working the right steps, in the right order, vastly changed my results. Here is the formula:


  1. Idea – Before you start making your idea real, you need to test if there is a desire for that product, and which format is best used. In other words, research the viability.
  2. Create – Write the book, draw the picture, etc… Get the prototype up and ready to go.
  3. Test/Implement – Now that you have a prototype, get feedback and see whether your idea has legs. Lots of ways out there to test. Use Monsieur Google – he is the bomb.
  4. Refine – Based on the feedback, make any adjustments necessary to make the prototype even better.

But before a formula can really do its magic, you need some activation energy to keep that cycle going until you succeed.


  1. You have to believe it is possible for you to do it
  2. You have to know why it is so important for you to create it
  3. Let go of the timing of success
  4. You have to decide to never quit till you are successful

By combining the skill set of the Make It Real Formula with the mindset of your Key Energy Components, you get the result of a finished viable product that will be successful, not only in your eyes, but in others’ eyes as well.

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

**52 Weeks of Vision will be on sale soon! As soon as it is ready to go, I will let you all know. I will also have a special bonus for those who decide this type of guided journal is right for them.


Thanks for reading, and until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!