“What the heck are you talking about?”

I started laughing, again, and I looked at him with a twinkle in my eye. One of my favorite, favorite things to do is to connnect with someone’s excitement, and here was one of my besties coming out of his chair, barely able to get the words out fast enough!

“I told you I just finished my paper on Goblledigookly Diguptopia with Grosnitpicknisky and Rabadashery”

“Huh? I have no idea what you just said!! But I loved how you said it! Tell me more.”

My friend and I just sat down for some tea when he launched into this description of what he had just accomplished. I had no idea what it all meant, but I was so taken by how he was saying it that I wanted to keep it going. So I asked questions, and I asked for examples, and I laughed when he laughed, and got more excited when he did, and by the end of my second piece of lemon box ice cake, we both noticed that two hours had passed and we were still talking.

Economic theory isn’t one of my favorite things to talk about. I would have preferred to chat about the latest book in self development, but there was something magical when I let him take me into his world. Time stood still, I got to experience the rush of what he was experiencing, and I also learned more about something I didn’t know. But the best part was that we both left the conversation closer and more connected. Do you know what I mean? Has that ever happened to you?

Quit Being A Jerk … To Yourself — Christine Jeffrey

This week’s #WhiteboardWednesdays is all about how to make your relationships better and  filled with more fun, more excitement, and more love.

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#whiteboadwednesdays on Relationship Rules

Posted by Christine Jeffrey on Wednesday, November 1, 2017

When you make the decision to use these four simple rules, your relationship with yourself and with other people change for the better.

I never get lonely. I’m great company! – Wayne Dyer

Here they are:

Four Key Rules to Make Any Relationship Better

  1. QUIT BEING A JERK — Quit being a jerk to YOURSELF. With all that negative self talk going on, it’s really hard to hear what another person is saying or be able to focus on the moment. In order to listen, you have to be quiet. First and foremost, be kind to yourself. When I stopped criticizing everything I said and did, I was able to really hear what someone else was saying, and not filter it through the narrative that was going on in my head.
  2. GIVE PRESENCE — Give the present of being present. 🙂 If you’re busy reliving the latest traffic drama in your head, your facial expressions and energy are going to be misread as feedback from the person who is talking to you in that moment. When you are with that person, fully, there is less chance of misunderstanding, and more of an opportunity to share, learn and support one another.
  3. BFF TO THEIR EXCITEMENT – Be a friend to their excitement. You don’t have to like what they like, but you can still be excited by their excitement. When you make the decision to be that kind of friend, you both expand your experience and become more connected by virtue of that kind of sharing. What a great feeling you both can have just by this one act alone!
  4. ENJOY U + ME – Decide that you are going to enjoy the experience of being together. When you make that kind of decision and commit to the enjoyment, you have a great time, and just made some amazing meaning in your lives.

Try out these rules for yourself this week and see what happens. You just may be surprised by just how easy it is to make time stand still!

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Thanks for reading, and until next time,

Remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!



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