It’s been a month since my last post and a lot has happened since then. We sold our house, as some of you know, and not surprisingly, the move was a lot more challenging than I had previously thought.

We are finally settled in the S.F. Bay Area and I wanted to share  5 key learning moments to make your next move or spring cleaning go much easier.

These 5 were the game changers in a big way.

1. Organization and Planning Are Key

No big surprise here. I did make a connection worth mentioning. First, save yourself the headache. **DON’T BUY IT if you don’t love it. If you use that simple rule, you won’t have tons of items to go through when you are getting ready to move.

When you organzie and batch your items based upon themes like:

  • Will use often
  • Will not use often
  • Get rid of it
  • Important but not used often
  • Fragile will break
  • Not Fragile

It makes it so much easier to pack. Also, organizing your boxes by size and shapes makes packing a POD easier, too. It’s like a puzzle, so if you sort in advance  by categorizing the sizes and shapes of your items, the easier it is to pack and to estimate the size of the moving storage container.

Plan for when and how you will move your things and clean your house. One of the ways to do that is to back track from your move date and calculate the amount of time you think you will need to do each area.

2.  Must Do List Each Day

We broke down our overall list of tasks into “must do” items to be completed each day given our timeline to move. We scheduled the following items: prep and hold garage sale, sell items on Facebook, give to charity, change of address, close accounts, cleaning, packing, storage, register for new school etc… with the maximum amount of task time of 4 to 6 hours a day. Key point – we  built in free time each day so that we would not get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work that had to be done.

3. Plan A Farewell Tour

Saying goodbye to friends and family is always difficult, so we made the time  to spend with people and places that mattered most to us during the years we lived in Florida(and scheduled it). By making that time, we not only communicated to our friends and family how much they meant to us, we got to say goodbye – in the right way –  to a place that will always be close to our hearts.

4. Modify the Schedule As Needed

Be prepared to modify your plans as necessary. Because we had the fundamentals set up and a clear plan of how we would move, when hiccups appeared, we were able to respond to the new reality quickly and efficiently. It would have been more stressful if we were disappointed every time something changed. When you expect change, it doesn’t throw your game off. You just modify and move on.

5. Make Space in Your Brain

Take the time to let go of the planning, the unpacking, the packing, the organizing et al to be present in silence. If you make this a habit, that space you create will give you the ideas you need to come up with solutions.

No moving plan I have heard of ever goes without changes, challenges and a bit of chaos. Expecting it makes it a lot easier.

One of the most stressful things you can experience is moving your family into a new household, new school, new geographic area, new job with new friends, new sights, new culture and more. You need to have a plan to make the transition from where you are to where you are going to be as easy as possible. I hope these 5 tips help you as much as they helped us.

That is not to say that we didn’t have our moments of struggle, but it did make that struggle pass more quickly and we implemented these 5 tips.

Ask a question, leave a comment. I’m here to help.

Thanks for reading and I will be back next week with more tips, tools, and strategies to make your life and mine just a little bit better and filled with more light and love.


Remember, it’s about your life!