So there I was spread across our king-sized master bed like a snow angel – a very pregnant snow angel.  We had just arrived home from the local “weekend warrior” hangout –Home Depot — where my husband spent over an hour getting the 411 on how to put in a window. He even bought the window. At the time, I hadn’t really paid much attention, because my legs and back hurt and my feet were swollen and all

I could hold in my brain was, “bed. nap. Oreos”   in in that order. What a relief to, finally, lie down on that bed and relax.


As I looked up at the ceiling, I thought about how great it was not to feel all of that weight on my back and legs. Except for the occasional kick across my belly, I was finally comfortable. As I was about to blissfully fall into a lovely little late afternoon nap, I hear ARRRRRRR – CRASHH, crash, BOOM!! My eyes immediately snapped open and widened. Suddenly, I didn’t seem to care about sleep, or my aches and pains. I popped up and slid out of bed and yelled,

“What happened?”

By the time I waddled the 3 or 4 feet to the bathroom, my husband started to explain. In fact, he had a lot of “splaining” to do.

He seemed to believe that he was perfectly qualified and capable — from all of a 45 minute conversation  — to come home and cut a hole in the wall of our house! UNBELIEVABLE! Here I was pregnant, not able to move well, and he thinks nothing of cutting holes in a perfectly good wall?! WTF?! After he showed me the plan and executed it flawlessly  I felt much better and was able to take that much needed nap…

Did you notice anything important that happened in this true story?

Remember I was tired, my body hurt, I was pregnant and I was lying on the bed, but when I needed energy, boy did energy show up in a big way!

How did I do it?

I didn’t eat anything, I wasn’t napping, yet; in fact, I just had rested my head on the pillow not a couple of minutes before. So, how did I make enough energy to get up and get to that bathroom as quickly as I did to confront what I perceived as a threat? How did I create that kind of energy?

Check out the Idealized Glucose (hint: energy) Levels Below:*

What happens to your energy throughout the day?

Okay so I know some of you know this, but did you know how to get energy fast that is legal, easy, and doesn’t require your husband cutting a hole in your bathroom wall?


These four tips, while unconventional, get the job done. If you think you don’t have time to laugh, dance, sing, or dressing well, I would love to know where and when do you experience joy? Joy energizes and so do these tips.

  • LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF- Jokes, stories, silly memes, anything that touches your funny bone gives you instant energy, you know why? Oxygen! More breath = more energy – with in reason! No hyperventilating!
  • SHUT UP AND DANCE –Movement that gets you breathing and your blood flowing and feels oh so good and that generates more energy
  • GET YOUR SEXY ON – When you dress in something that you know you look GOOD in, gives you energy. So have a spare go to outfit…oh and the act of changing gives you energy too!
  • SING OUT LOUD – Belt out your favorites and watch your energy level rise.Generating positive emotions energizes you.


Try it for yourself the next time you get energy zapped. These 4 tips will not only bring you energy, they will also lighten your heart and make you smile. Who doesn’t want more of that?

How do you apply these four tips? Be intentional! Notice when you are getting tired. Schedule them. These are some ideas to put the tools above into practice. Now you have some ways to generate energy fast without fearing for the integrity of your house!

You got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I am here to help.

Until next time,

Thanks for reading and remember, you are so much more than who you believe yourself to be!

*Chart Source: Solimena Lab and Review Suckale Solimena 2008 Frontiers in Bioscience PMID 18508724, preprint PDF from Nature Precedings, original data: Daly et al. 1998 PMID 9625092 Idealized curves of human blood glucose and insulin concentrations during the course of a day containing three meals; in addition, effect of sugar-rich meal is highlighted;Authors: Jakob Suckale, Michele Solimena, 2007, Creative Commons