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my planeThis was MY BABY — A Cessna 177!! I loved that plane, because it was so smooth to fly. I can’t tell you how much fun I had doing chandelles and lazy eights.  (If you’re at all curious about aerobatic maneuvers, you can learn more here and here )

To have that kind of fun, I had to execute and to successfully execute any aircraft maneuver, required hours of training and practice. In addition to that, smart, experienced pilots and flight instructors agree that using a checklist is a prerequisite for a flight’s success.

Checklists could save our lives, redirect our focus and give us the clarity we need in the most important areas of our flight.

Why wouldn’t you and I want a checklist for the decisions we make in our our lives? After all, decisions decide our fate.

The Checklist

It is essential to have a plan in place to stay on track, because if you and I fall behind or get distracted, things could snowball out of control very quickly. I needed a framework and found this little gem in a post by Dana Radcliffe, Senior Lecturer at Cornell University: 5P

Radcliffe writes,

The Johnson School believes that, with adult students, ethics education should focus not on trying to inculcate basic values, but rather on equipping students with concepts and questions that will help them make sound decisions… This instrument consists of a series of questions that press users to identify their obligations to the sundry stakeholders and seek a defensible balance among them when they conflict.

While this framework focuses on ethical decision-making, I believe that it can be used to help us choose the best course of action.


  1. Priority – The needs and values that are most important to you
  2. Principles – Your values that are in alignment with who you believe yourself to be
  3. People – Needs and wants of others to consider
  4. Possibilities – Your options
  5. Problem –  The “what”  that requires a decision on your part

Now with this framework in mind, I have created a checklist that you can use when you arrive at a key decision point:

Decision Making Check List

Once you complete your checklist, you must decide! Give this framework a try and test for yourself whether it helps you to stay on track toward living an extraordinary life!


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