Hi friends! As some of you already know, I have been traveling for the last couple of weeks. My family and I had been waiting five years for a trip that took us to some of the most beautiful sights in the world. We went to Italy, Switzerland, and France! If you’re interested in the beautiful pictures we took, you can head over here to check them out!

There is more to share and I want to talk about

What happened at the conference….

But first I want to give you context.

We met a lot of people on this trip of a lifetime and what I came away with was a profound appreciation for the people we met. They genuinely wanted to support, help and care for one another. From the tour guides to the Uber drivers to pretty much everyone we came across, they just wanted to be helpful and kind to the visitors who came to their city, and because of that attitude, we had a trip of a life time that we will cherish in our memories for years to come.

So we arrived home from Paris on Monday and by Wednesday night the conference had started. Not a lot of time to get situated, but what a way to stack some great emotional experiences!

People are people no matter what language they speak — Christine Jeffrey


  1. Number one cause of failure: Lack of consistency. Think about it…when you are on top of something, when you pay attention to it, when you nurture it, it thrives. However, if you neglect that area, things can go down hill very quickly. This point is obvious, but we are so busy with so much NOISE that things can slip through our radar so…
  2. Create a reminder system: Remind yourself to pay attention and take action in the areas that matter most to you. By checking in with yourself, everyday,  you are sure to keep that area thriving in your life.
  3. Love people not things: Another obvious point, but people don’t do it. They get caught up on the “things” like “I need to get that thing done before I can spend time with my family” or if she could just do that “thing” right, I wouldn’t have to clean up that mess. We can get caught up focusing on the “things” and not pay attention to the person right in front of us who may need us to be our best selves.
  4. Kindness and integrity establishes a different level of connection. We experienced this on our trip time and time again. The world doesn’t seem lonely or big when people treat each other with kindness.
  5. Your inadequacy is not a barrier, it is a gateway to learning and growth. These are my words, but Brendon Burchard’s point. We tend to focus on what we can’t do and think that is our capabllity and forget that we can learn to be competent in that skill.

These are the mindset methods I focused on at the conference. There was a lot more detail on how to share your message with the world in the online arena. But these lessons reinforced what I had learned from my trip to Europe.

Try these 5 things and see if it improves the quality of your life in all areas.

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