Did you ever read a book that made whistles blow, sparklers ignite, and light bulbs go off in your brain? Well, the latest hit for me came from The Talent Code. Daniel Coyle does something that a lot of authors in this genre do not do – he explains a complex topic in a way that is easy to understand and the advice given is immediately actionable.

Here is the possibility piece that gets me so excited about this book: All you need is consistent deliberate practice in a few key areas to create the life you’ve always wanted.

My Top Five Takeaways

  • Frequency. Whenever you do something your brain sends a signal along a chain of nerve fibers. The more you send the signal, the more the nerve fibers fire.
  • Build myelin. Myelin is the sheath that surrounds nerve fibers. The sheath thickens when you repeat actions. The more you repeat, the more automated the process becomes. That sheath regulates speed, duration and intensity of the signals. It is basically the blue print for when, why, how hard, how much and how long to do something or to think about anything.
  • Correct practice. Deep, intentional practice accelerates this biological process of myelin development and maintenance. How you practice and how you make connections matter. If you practice incorrectly, you reinforce incorrectly and vice versa. You can think of myelin like the audio mixer on your stereo that ends up becoming stuck. Nerve fibers are like a recording device for the actions and connections you make whether physical or emotional. They tell the myelin what to automate. 
  • Higher learning. Myelin wants to be as efficient as possible which is why its goal is to automate actions. The more you automate, the more you create space in your brain to see nuances and other connections. In other words, higher levels of learning can happen when you are biologically ready take in the information.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build myelin, which is why it takes time to learn a skill or develop a habit. If you do not maintain the circuit, the circuit and the myelin start to slowly wither and die. You must develop the patience to let bad habits die and good habits form. If you don’t fire the circuit of the bad habit, you will succeed. If you fire the circuit of the good habit, you will succeed. That’s it. It’s not that you don’t have will power or you are not smart enough, it really comes down to letting time and biology do the work for you.

Daily practice is the “secret sauce” to mastery — A challenger said this

This post was short but packs a punch! If you want even more goodies and insights, you can get the book here:    The Talent Code


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