You know when you’re feeling low? Maybe you had a disappointment or maybe you experienced loss? Could it be that someone you care about is having a tough time and you don’t know what to do to help? You know the kind of feeling I’m talking about? The low energy, repetitive thoughts, and the desire to have a deep and close relationship with Netflix kind of feeling!

Are You A Self Starter?

I was getting increasingly nervous as we continued down alley after dark alley. It seemed that all of Venice, Italy was a maze. They’re not joking when they say getting lost in Venice is a tourist attraction!  When you’re distracted and in unfamiliar territory, you can become disoriented very quickly. As the minutes ticked by, I felt uneasy and unsure about what to do next. I don’t know about you, but when that happens to me, I lean toward inaction! I come to a stop until I get clear again on what I need to do. Does this happen to you, as well?

What I knew for sure is that I really needed to figure out a way to get us back on track and going in the direction of San Cassiano. Did you know that Venice has over 400 bridges and from the air it looks like a mosaic of a fish? Well, did you also know that when the streets merge at an intersection their names change?! I wish I had that information in advance!

Well, I didn’t want it to get dark and still be enjoying the sights and sounds of the “Being Lost In Venice” attraction. What I needed was some clarity, a little bit more courage and a way to make navigation easier, so that, I could stop fretting about being lost and refocus on us moving in the right direction again.

No, Google maps wasn’t working and neither was Waze. That’s the problem when you rely on electronic devices – sometimes they don’t work when you need them. We were going to have to figure this one out with the analog tools! You could say we were highly motivated to get back to the hotel! How about you? When the consequences are too big a price to pay, do you … figure it out?

We took a moment when we found the next intersection and talked about what would make navigating easier. We then located our position on the map by looking up to find the street names, and we realized, that they changed! From there, I circled all the street names on our route back to the hotel so we had check points at each intersection. Finally, we got up the courage to ask a local if we were headed in the right direction.

I realized that getting lost in Venice was a great way to illustrate how you can identify and spark your own initiative. If you are having trouble being a self starter, read some of the ideas below, one of them or all of them may be what you need to get moving again!

Taking action is easier when you know what sparks your initiative – Christine Jeffrey

5 Ways to Spark Your Iniative

What makes taking the lead, being internally motivated, and well, sparking your initiative happen easier? Do these 5 things and you will not only start taking action faster, but when you do them consistently, taking action becomes your default!

  1. Lower the Activation Energy – What would be the easiest method to use that required the lowest amount of energy? Do you break it down into smaller pieces? Do you use a habit trigger? Do you choose the time when you are at your best? What will make it easier for you? When you make it easier to begin so that you will start, you take back control of your productivity.
  2. Make Action Necessary – Why is it important to you? Who do you have to do it for? In order to take action, you need to believe that it is necessary for you to do so, So why is it so important that you need to do it?
  3. Stack Benefits – What would happen if you did this thing and how would it change your whole life? Yes! Our daily actions, over time, are who we become. So this step can be huge in the grand scheme of things. Really connect with all the benefits for doing this!
  4. Courage – What do you need to do to be brave? How would you feel when you completed the task? When you use your bravery, you become proud of who you are and how you show up in the world.
  5. Clarity – Figure out what the very next step is and do that immediately. Practice this consistently. You want to reduce the time between realization and action. With practice, you will link clarity to action, and over time, you can automate this sequence. Guess how easy it is to consistently take action when you’ve automated your clarity?! This one alone has been a game changer for me!

Try these 5 ways to spark your initiative and see if they help you to lean into action that doesn’t involve turning on the remote control! It is in our actions that we show ourselves and the world who we can be! I want to see you out there in the arena! Let me know how it goes.

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