Does this sound like you?

I am deeply satisfied with my life. I love the people I see on a daily basis and I get to experience joy, creativity and connection. I am involved in interesting projects that allow me to contribute to the world in a meaningful way . I feel alive each day and am grateful that I get to live this beautiful life. Even when there are problems, I feel engaged and positive about the possibilities in my life. I choose my actions and I decide for myself how I will be in any given situation. When I look in the mirror, I like the person I see. I am happy with my actions and I am looking forward to what the day will bring.

A life like that doesn’t just happen!

The person I just described is someone who thinks, acts, and lives intentionally. He or she couldn’t describe their feelings and experiences, in that way, unless they were self directed.

Do you live intentionally? Or are you someone who runs around reacting to the noise and busyness that pervades modern life?

I ask because people who read this blog tend to be people who are not satisfied with the status quo. They want more and they want better. So if that is you read on. You can learn the mindset and skill set you need to develop into someone who thinks and acts independently. In other words, someone who has the freedom to choose.

However. Freedom Isn’t Free.

Freedom, in this context, requires clarity, courage and a willingness to sacrifice automatic and habitual living. This type of freedom requires thought, attention AND intention to live life on your own terms.

The question to ask isn’t, “What do I have to do?” That question is putting the cart before the horse. The real question to ask is: “How badly do I want it?” When you answer that question first, it is immediately clear whether you will be successful.

Great questions are like that — they help you to gain clarity quickly.

In order to create a life that you love, you are required to act on your own voice and vision. Your soul cannot be satisfied with anything less.

A challenger said this

What are the benefits of breaking the chains of conditioning and thinking for yourself? More. More satisfaction, more freedom, more opportunities, and more fulfillment. When Joseph Campbell said,”Follow your bliss”, this was what he was talking about.

Do you really believe that you and I were born to have others tell us what to think and what to do? 


Now is the time for you to start to think and to act for yourself, and when you do, you can have more pride, more self trust, and more fulfillment, and I want that for you!

Clarity Questions:

  1. Does this action/inaction align with my beliefs?
  2. Does this action/inaction align with my values?
  3. Will this action/inaction serve my highest and best self?
  4. Will I be proud of myself if I did or didn’t do it?
  5. How will the consequences affect my self trust if I choose this?
  6. If I do this, will I still like myself?
  7. What is true for me in this moment?
  8. Am I choosing this to please others?
  9. What does my gut say?
  10. If I didn’t do it, am I willing to accept the consequences?

When you start checking in with yourself, consistently, your self trust muscle grows and your internal compass will begin to guide you more and more. What could be possible for you when that happens? AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, how much better will your life get?


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Thank you so much for reading and until next time, make the most out of the time you have!

With love and respect,