Are you operating at a version 1.0 and want 3.0 results? What’s it gonna take to get you there? So you can have more fun, more happiness and more satisfaction, consistently, and over the long term?

You know, there was a time when I thought that if I just learned enough, planned enough, mastered the subject enough, good things would happen. Do you get caught up in the Thought-Trap game, too?

The game goes like this: you plan, you strategize, you learn, you plan some more, you weigh your options, you strategize again and then you plan some more and when it’s time, you think,”I’m just not ready, yet.” That’s when the next stage of the game begins. You’ve graduated to the Game of When.

The Game of When begins with a condition, but then, the condition keeps changing. For example:

“When I learn this expert piece of information, I will start,” and then,

“When I master how to speak publicly, then I’ll stand up and talk,” and then,

“When I get every how-to memorized and when I master all of the information and when I have an alphabet soup after my name, I’ll be ready to go for it…”

Sound familiar?

Every game has a goal. The goal of Thought-Trap is to have you stay safely in your head. The goal of The Game of When is to have you develop skill without taking action. Both games have one outcome, and that is, DELAY.

What’s up with that?

Look at how you and I tend to construct these two games. It makes sense, right? We do need to plan to attain our goal and we do need to learn a skill. We also need to practice. But where is it written that you and I can’t take action until we become some master ninja?

Who wrote the rules on action and what makes us think someone’s else’s imprimatur is required?

Now look at the graphic above on innovation. There is a man on a horse, a man on a bicycle and a man on a motorcycle. Three levels of thought, three levels of skill and three levels of action. The guy on the horse would love to get the guy on the motorcycle’s results, but for him to expect that with his level of understanding and skill is unrealistic. Some sort of training and growth in understanding has to take place in order for him to go from a horseman to a motorcyclist.

You can’t have version 1.0 thinking and expect version 3.0 results

A challenger said this

AND you can’t go from a horseman to motorcyclist if you are still playing the games of delay. It just won’t happen. So you need to start playing a new game and that game is called, Innovate Yourself.

When you play the game, Innovate Yourself, the goal is to take the actions necessary to get you the results that you want. You don’t win, unless you get results, and you can’t get results unless you act. If Thought-Trap was version 1.0 and The Game of When was version 2.0, then Innovate Yourself is version 3.0. Below is THE protocol to upgrade.


To get out of your head and into action, try these four steps. When you do, you will see a shift in not only how you feel about your capabilities and possibilities, you will also see a shift in how others respond to you. And guess what? Action is built right into the process!

  1. Audit – Be really clear about who you are and where you are at AND don’t make it worse than it is or better than it is. The only way you get from point A to point B is to be completely clear and honest about the facts on the ground. For example, how do you spend all of your time? Who are you when you are stressed? What do you do when you are at your best? Answering these types of questions, honestly, gets you results faster.
  2. Results – What kind of results are you looking for? What kind of lifestyle? What kind of person do you want to be in a variety of situations? The more specific you are about the results you want to have in your life, the easier it is to get those results.
  3. Bridge the Gap – Now that you know where you are and what results you, you need to take the actions that will make your results happen. What new people can help you? What new questions can you ask? What experiments can you try? These types of questions and your subsequent actions will help that gap decrease.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 – Do the first three steps, when you reach each benchmark that you’ve set for yourself. When you check-in with yourself in this way, you ensure consistent progress toward your results.

When you use this protocol, consistently, you will be one of the few people out there who use a consistent, methodology to achieve the outcomes you want in your life. You will have become more resourceful, more creative and more empowered to share your beautiful life with others!

This game, Innovate Yourself, is a game-changer and is more fun when played with friends!


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