You know that saying, familiarity breeds contempt? One of the common flaws we have is devaluing that which we can get easily and the supply of which is readily available.

Time is one such resource. Yes, we’ve been told our whole life how important time is, but do our actions support that knowledge?  Before you click off, hear me out.

Recently, have you said, “I’m killing time until …?” Or “Thank goodness I had my cell phone with me, that line was ridiculous …?” Or some such phrase? How often do you refer to time as something to be overcome or endured until something happens to wake you up? A death in the family, declining health, an unexpected career or life change, an injury et al.

Usually, some sort of perceived loss comes before the recognition that we only have so much time and that recognition is quickly followed by some sort of judgment. After that happens, we decide what to do next. So it looks like this:

Loss –> Recognition –> Judgment –> Decision

I want to ask you to consider the next question carefully, so that, loss is not the instigator of action. I want your intention to drive your choices. So,

What will it take for you to start living each day with intention? With passion? And with the recognition that you are here for a reason and it’s your job to find out what that reason is and then act on it? What’s it gonna take for you to be serious about your contribution to the world?

The answer to that question of “What is it going to take?” is clearly a decision – a dedication to a “why” that is bigger than you as the sum of your circumstances and experiences.You are so much more than that.

What has to happen for you to understand that the time you’ve been given is your means to having it all and giving your all?

The reason I keep writing about time, and even wrote an ebook about it, is because, about 12 years ago, I realized that I was responsible for my actions and my contribution to the world – period. In that realization, came the next realization: I needed to be extremely clear about how I spent my time in order to make the changes necessary to create the life that I wanted. When I realized that my world changed.

So I came up with a system that worked for me and may work for you, too, that is, if you want to fulfill your purpose and your potential while you still have the time. The first step to change is always awareness, but before that, comes the question,

How do you really spend your time?

When you know the real truth about how you spend your time, you have accurate feedback on what to keep and what to get rid of so that you can have more of what want in life. Truth, in this sense, leads you to less pain and suffering, because it shortens the time between recognition, implementation and ultimate success.

If you don’t know exactly how you spend your time, how can you improve your outcomes? That is the real question, isn’t it?

It takes bravery to pull back the curtain on our habits and routines to look at ourselves in the mirror and see what we truly value. We may say we value spending time with our kids, but we can put them off to continue to watch our favorite tv show. Or we can say that we value exercise and good nutrition, only to eat 4 oreos at 4pm in the afternoon and read a book to get a jolt of sweet chocolatey goodness that changes our state from anxious  to sweet, comfy distracted bliss.

We are what we repeatedly do and not what we believe we are. Therefore, how we spend our time really tells us if we are in harmony with our beliefs, with our values and principles, and whether we like WHO we see in the mirror. The more congruent we are, the happier we become. Why? Because our expectations of ourselves meet the reality of of our actions.

How we spend our time is the greatest expression of our values – Christine Jeffrey


When you make the most of your days, over time, your life becomes something that you want to share, because you’re just so darn excited about the things you are doing and the people who are in your life. When you feel that, you can look in the mirror and like the person you are becoming. I want that for you! The steps below form a framework that will bring you succes. If you leave one of the steps out, you don’t get the full benefit of the model. So use these steps and make your life something that is worthy of the time that you’ve been given.

  1. Recognize you only have so much time. Sometimes we can know when our time is up, but for most of us, it comes as a surprise quickly followed by regret and then followed by immense clarity. If you wake up in the morning and simply ask, “What can I create that matters most if this day is my last?” Be serious about answering it. Believe that your time is limited and you need to make the most of it. What would you do? Would it be create a closer relationship with the people in your life? Would it be to finish as much of that project as possible?
  2. Know your target.  “What experiences do you want to have today that will make you feel the way you want to feel?” This is your target, without one, you are at the mercy of the prevailing energy or mood that comes from reactions to your environment. You want to control how you feel, so prime your day to make it so.
  3. Take the action. After you’ve identified your target, schedule the activities on your calendar just like appointments. Block out the time to get it done. Make a game of challenging yourself to feel a certain emotion at the end of the day, In the end, time is emotion that is how we judge its quality.
  4. Be consistent. You are developing your resourcefulness muscle so you need to practice. Each day you use this protocol, the better you get at choosing the actions that bring you more of the feeling you want to feel at the end of the day. Imagine what it would be like having days and weeks of feeling great?! What could be possible for you then? Consistency is the greatest gift I can give you, because when you keep doing these steps, your life becomes amazing; but more importantly, you get the pride of saying, “I did this. I made this happen.” Repetition is the key to any successful endeavor.

When you start taking advantage of your number one resource by implementing  these steps, time becomes a tool to serve you and your purpose in this life. What a wonderful experience to wake up and look forward to the day, rather than, wake up and prepare yourself to endure what is ahead.

What I want for you is to live life on your on terms. Living life on your own terms is a responsibilty, but with that responsibility, comes freedom. It’s your job to structure your day to make yourself feel the way you want to feel!

So go for it!! I can’t wait to see how well you live, how well you love, and how satisfied with life you become.

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Thank you so much for reading and until next time,

Make the most of the time you have!

With love,

Coach, Time is on your side and so am I,