I just saw one of the most engaging speeches I’ve seen in a long time and her theme tied into what I have been posting about all week – excecution on your vision.

Have you been knocked down so hard that you thought you might not ever get up again? Can you remember a time when it was just so tough to take that next step that you started to feel timid, because you couldn’t figure out what the next step needed to be or whether you could meet the challenge successfully?

It is really easy for us to look back on our struggles and think,  “It wasn’t so bad” and “Look where I am now!” or “It was hard, but not THAT hard.”  However, when we are in the thick of it, when we feel the weight of uncertainty and the fatigue and frustration of things not going well, it certainly feels really hard and the question does cross our mind, “Should we give up?”

So instead of asking the quit question, I wanted to find out what the experts say about this idea of quitting when things get too hard. When high performers get caught up in the struggle, they learn to ask “What is the easiest way to stay on course when I am not getting the results I want?” Then, they go find the answers. What I wanted to know was how I could stay focused and motivated when I am succeeding in some places but struggling in others?

Here is what I found. The number one motivating force in the world is the reason we tell ourselves why we do what we do. I know, I was thinking the same thing. It’s so simple, it can’t be just that! Yet, sometimes simple can be profound and empowering.

Try it for yourself. Think of someone you love with all your heart. What would you do and what would you go through to save them and protect them? Isn’t it true that doubt, disappointment and fear pale in comparison or don’t even enter into your thought process when the stakes are that high?

Your why is the reason you want your vision to happen in the first place. When it is strong enough and powerful enough, you will go through any pain necessary to make that vision come true — Christine Jeffrey

It took school teacher Romana Smith eight years of training to execute on her vision to become a world champion  speaker.  She went on to not only win the 2018 Toastmasters World Championship, she used a boxing metaphor that highlighted persistence in the face of adversity and exemplified the drive and determination required to succeed. Watch it here:

What makes this speech so moving is that even though Ramona talked about how she overcame her struggles, she also made the point that you and I have experienced similar feelings. We can choose, just like she did, to respond to adversity with focus, drive and a determination to succeed, because even though we may have taken some hits, we are all still standing! 🙂

Below are some tips to use to knock out your mission to make your vision happen faster!


In boxing, combos are designed to quickly wear down your opponent and help you to successfully win the match. Just like in boxing, when you use this combo, it will help you to successfully deliver on your mission and minimize the time you spend in doubt and disappointment. When you use this framework, consistently, your vision happens faster!

Jab: The role of the jab is to test and set up for what is coming next. What activities will allow you to test your assumptions to get very clear about what is working and what isn’t?

Cross: The role of the cross is to finish it or to set up for what is coming next. If the jab was successful enough, you will know the next step that will take you all the way to victory. If there are still more steps to go, test your next steps and follow through.

Hook: The role of the hook is to continue to weaken (or get closer to your goal) by consistent action. This is the part of your process that you keep working your plan, or doing the steps necessary for success despite the pain. And if the struggle gets to much, you always have your uppercut at the ready.

Uppercut: This is the knockout blow that makes all the difference. What’s the reason you want that vision? It HAS to be strong and compelling, because you have to be willing to go through the pain – sometimes repeated pain – to be successful. When the world says, “No way,” What will make you say, “Get out of my way!”

So the next time you are knocked down and struggling, remember your 1-2-3-4 combination and get back up. The odds of your success go up exponentially when you don’t quit. You are capable of so much more and trust that you have the ability to come out the other side of struggle victorious! I believe you can do this!

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