If you had asked me whether I would fly that far with such a quick turnaround time for a conference ten years ago, I would have told you that it didn’t make any sense. I just didn’t view a learning opportunity in that way. Back then, I would have believed that it wasn’t worth it.

However, personal growth has a way of sneaking up on you. It has the uncanny ability to help you to establish different priorities and recognize opportunities that one would have rejected in the past.

When I heard about the Archangel Summit, I thought, “What’s that?” Then I found out about its mission and the amazing speakers and thought leaders that were all going to meet in one place and I needed to be there.

The mastermind behind this event is Giovanni Marsico. He believes that we are all gifted and that entrepreneurs are responsible to change humanity. From his website, “Giovanni is the founder of Archangel – a private membership community of mission-driven entrepreneurs that are making the world a better place through purpose-driven entrepreneurship and philanthropy.”

This is what the Archangel Summit is all about:

From their website:

Archangel Summit is the annual gathering of mission-driven entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals who want to do well by doing good. Archangel Summit is not your typical entrepreneurial business conference! We have keynote speakers, multi-speaker panels, musical or artistic performances, special FX, networking opportunities, and much more! We like to think of Summit as a mix between a business show and a rock concert, so be prepared for some surprises.

That’s my kind of event! So I jumped on a jet plane and went to Toronto. These people are good hearted men and women who are sharing their unique talents and gifts with the world to not only deliver on their collective missions, but to help you and me develop our skills and talents to do the same thing.

If You Want To Make A Big First Impression Do This

The conference began with a Cirque De Soleil kind of performance that sparked possibility and defied our imaginations. It set the perfect tone for an experience that was meant to uplift, to inspire, and to motivate the participants to go out and make an impact. To do good, dream big. To do better, dream bigger!


If You Want To Know How to Fascinate

You do it by being so uniquely you that people want to know more. For example, Sally Hogshead shared some research about a now famous drink.  Geigermeister is a standout, not because of taste, because it tastes like battery acid ! However, despite its taste, it is a rite of passage for many late night bar goers. Why? Geigermeister delivers on a “Toxic Experience,” and that, my friends, is fascinating! Click on her name to learn more about this fascinating woman and how she can help you to become more fascinating yourself!


If You Want To Remember More so You Can Have More In Your Life

Jim Kwik says to inject play into learning, and if you feel old, maybe it is because “you stopped playing”. More play = faster learning = more time to impact those people, those experiences and those things that matter most. In fact, his explanation of life and death was, in my opinion, the quote of the conference:

An egg broken from the outside causes death, an egg broken from the inside causes life Jim Kwik

Click on his name to learn more about this amazing man and his mission.

If You Want An Amazing Life

Be crystal clear on your purpose. Dandapani goes on to share that when you control your awareness, you manifest what you want in your life. So, how do you control your awareness? Practice!!

Dandapani says there is a process to creating more will power in yourself:

  1.  Finish what you begin
  2. Do more than you think you can
  3. Do it better than you thought you could

He is a big proponent of practice and has so much more wisdom and guidance to share. Just click on his name to learn more.

If You Want To Hack Your Physiology

Do what the panel ( David Asprey, Dr. Hyman, JJ Virgin, Giovanni Marsico and Dr. Stephanie) recommend: Good protein as a side, lots of veggies (main course) low sugar, good fat, low starch, at the times of day that work for you.

Biggest take aways from this group:

  1.  Nothing is impossible if you are resourceful enough, willing to take risks, and keep experimenting until you get the results that you want.
  2. Get comfortable with the feeling of hunger – it passes.
  3. Connect the dots between what you are eating and how you are feeling.

Take the time to check out each of their websites. There was so much valuable information about nutrition and our physiology. Click on each of their names to learn more.

If You Want To Lead With Your Heart

I was not familiar with Arlene Dickinson before this event. What a lovely surprise to learn about this smart and fiesty woman. She stood center stage, did not move one inch, and gave a speech that was riveting.

She had so many inspirational comments and insights that I would recommend going to her website to learn more about this badass mama who just happens to be an ultra successful business woman, too.

Her belief is that instead of giving a “hand out” you give a hand up. Heart-led entrepreneurs who make a difference are my kind of people.

The top three characteristics she looks for in people:

  1. Be genuine and authentic
  2. Be honest
  3. Come from a win/win mindset

If You Want Habits That Make Your Life Extraordinary

In an impactful, entertaining and wacky 90 minutes, we were treated to Brendon Burchard at his most impassioned best. The man just delivers. Here are the 6 Habits that will change your life if you implement them consistently

  1. Seek Clarity – Who do you want to be?
  2. Generate Energy – Recharge and Move
  3. Raise Necessity – Why is it necessary?
  4. Increase Productivity –Prolific Quality Output
  5. Develop Influence – Teach people how to think
  6. Demonstrate Courage – Speak up for yourself

You do these six consistently, and over the long term, your life will become extraordinary. One of the most wisest shares was after his hilarious recap of a sky diving experience; he said, “Listen through the fear,” because when you do, you may learn that you can enjoy growth faster and with less suffering.

Brendon has courses, seminars, books, videos, podcasts and more. To learn about “All Things Brendon” just click on his name. He is one of my heroes and is changing the world, for the better, one social media post at a time. 🙂

If You Want To Be A Fantastic Host

Be like  JP Sears. Clever, funny and just has that kind of presence that makes you want to hang out in his living room and hear more of his “Searsisms”.  Do you know what I mean? He brought the light, the fun and the joy to each of the speakers he presented. At one point, he did a riff on his “delusional sense of certainty” and had the house smiling from ear to ear. Just click his name to learn more about him.


*** Full Disclosure*** I am not getting paid or compensated in any way for writing this post. These speakers touched me in profound ways as did this event. Therefore, I am giving back to them by sharing some of their takeaways and how you can learn more about the good work that they do!

Would I go back again? I already booked my ticket! It was just that good. If you have some time to be inspired, supported and guided by the best experts in the world, and who also happen to be heart-led leaders, you should come to Toronto in October 2019, too. The Archangel Summit might just be your next step.

Heart-Led Leaders rule!

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