Have you seen those top ten lists that are everywhere? Top ten books, top ten productivity hacks, top ten foods that increase your sex drive and make you smart at the same time? When you see “Top Ten…” what do you think?

Well, if you are like me, I think best practices – the fast and easy way. I know that someone has tried and tested the list, and because of that, I have a fairly good chance of it working.

So I try the food list that I mentioned above (of course I would try the food, first!) and I’m waiting for the smartness and the sex drive to kick in! I did what they suggested, but… no magic, no bump in the IQ, nada, nothing!

Well, that’s totally bogus! It doesn’t work! I felt that I got ripped off!

How about you? Do you buy in only to be disappointed at the result?

Well, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been writing on and researching about best practices in truth. The idea is that if we can get to the truth fast enough, we’ll have less suffering, better results and more quality experiences!

So I’ve made a list of the four best practices that I’ve discovered that make the difference in our results when applied, consistently. They are in the tool section below. But before you skim down to get to the tool, read this next sentence:  What I’ve found repeatedly is that if we are faulty, meaning, if we don’t have the ability to make the right connections and take the right actions, the ‘best practice’ is useless.

What I mean by ability is the O.E.I.

  • Openness to be wrong
  • Energy – vitality, vibrancy, and mental and physical stamina
  • Intention to discover the truth of what works

You need all three to apply best practices, effectively.

Special Bonus – here’s a quick video primer on the topic!

Best practices don’t work if you don’t have the energy, the vitality, and the intention to get to the truth of what works and what doesn’t regardless of your beliefs or biases – Christine Jeffrey

Below are the practices that make the biggest difference in our results. Use them and succeed!


  1. CHECK ASSUMPTIONS – Ask yourself how you know something is true? How can you find out if it is absolutely true? Did you ass-u-me? ( As in make an ass out of you and me? Joke from the Odd Couple TV show. Do you remember that show?!) When we check these, we remove a lot of needless suffering.
  2. IDENTIFY CAUSE AND EFFECT – How do you know whether something was the actual cause? How can you find out? Don’t confuse correlation with causation. Find the cause.
  3. SEPARATE FACT FROM OPINION – How do you know? Is there data to back it up? Is that data subject to different interpretations? The more you can identify the facts, the better you can choose.
  4. EXPERIMENT – When you raise your tolerance for failed experiments, you are open to try that crazy, wacked idea that actually turned out to make your company millions of dollars. Don’t believe me? Just ask Subaru!

Quick reminder. Best practices don’t work if you don’t have the energy, the vitality, and the intention to get to the truth of what works and what doesn’t regardless of your beliefs and biases. In order to be successful, you need to have the rest required, the good nutrition required, and the physical vitality and stamina you need to be able to accurately interpret data.

It’s not a question of whether you can operate with minimum sleep, with lousy nutrition, lack of exercise, and an openness to being wrong – because you can. It’s whether you want to live an extraordinary quality of life, and if you do, good nutrition, rest, exercise, and openness are the basics to master. If you question this wisdom, just experiment on how well you apply best practices without O.E.I. and report back here on what you’ve found!

Soooo. Maybe the next time I try a Top Ten list, I’ll make sure I have the ability to be ready for the list to work its magic!

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