It is really hard to believe that this is my 150th blog post! I started writing a blog back in 2014, and at that time, it was the safest place I could thing of to express myself, because the people around me weren’t very open to my way of thinking, seeing and believing. My blog wasn’t a “want to” kind of thing; it was a “have to” kind of thing.

For over two years, I kept it pretty much a secret. Maybe I kept it a secret, because I didn’t want to be laughed at or maybe I kept it a secret, because I believed my writing, my voice wasn’t good enough.

However, that didn’t stop me. It felt so good to breathe the air of true self honesty, reflection and expression that I kept going, even when, some of my posts made me feel embarrassed, caused me to feel disappointment, or goaded and guided me to get better at this craft.

Keeping yourself a secret doesn’t serve anyone, including you! – Christine Jeffrey

Little by little, I got braver. I started speaking up, and when I did, the embarrassment, the “who am I to speak at all” part of myself started to witness, the wiser part of myself saying what I truly believed.

To this day, I question whether I’ve chosen wisely in a post I’ve written. Some posts are just plain bad! But some posts have a hint or two or three of the divine – where I see the immutable truth and run with it! Those are the kinds of posts that make it worth it to go through the pain.

What pain?

The pain of discipline. The pain of possible regret. The pain that the post wasn’t received well. The pain of those bad days when I can’t write a sentence without the inevitable dread that follows, because I know it is not a good writing day.

And yet, I write anyway.

Regardless of whether the posts are “good” or “bad,” my intention remains the same: To give you and to give myself some tips, tools, and strategies to make our lives better, and in the process, recognize that we are not “broken” and we don’t need to be “fixed!”

When we were growing up, you and I learned strategies that are now outdated and ineffective in this brave yet cowardly new world in which we all live. When we were children, we modeled those around us. When we became adults, it became difficult to rewrite that modeling when years of habit had been packed on top of one another like dirt on the ground. It takes time to undo the programming and rewire ourselves in a way that helps us to live better lives. Learning to be patient and gentle with that rewiring is both a discipline and an art.

Reflection, self honesty and wisdom are the gifts that I received when I decided to squeak (sic) up in 2014. It took clarity to know what was right for me. It took courage to take action, and it took faith or self trust to see it through, even when, it was difficult to continue, and even when, I fell really short of the mark, at times.

If you noticed, clarity, courage and self trust is the foundation of my coaching practice, because with clarity you know what is right for you, with courage you will take the initiative and take the bold actions necessary for success, and with faith or self trust you persevere even when faced with defeat.

Below are the rewards of having the clarity, self trust and courage to follow what was and is truly right for me. I became a coach to help end the lies, to help end the suffering, and to help redefine struggle as a necessary process that leads you and me to fulfill our promise and our potential in this life.


  • Be consistent, because that is where progress is made, but it is also where you become the person you want to be.
  • Not everyone is going to like you or what you have to say – say it anyway!
  • Stand up for who you are and for what you believe in. Someone once said, “If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything.”
  • Follow up and follow through. Most importantly, keep your word, because you need to know that you can trust yourself.
  • Confusing other people’s opinions of your abilities, and thereby, your capabilities with your potential does not serve you. Experts don’t know what you are capable of achieving. Look at the greats in history, hasn’t some critic forecasted their doom only to eat crow later? NO ONE has the right to tell you who you are or what you can achieve! NO ONE!

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