Welcome to the first full week of 2019! In this post, I discuss those pesky and tedious tolerations and what to do about them, so that, you can create more space in your day that can create more space in your brain. When you get more space, you have a clearer view of the terrain ahead, can become more effective and can get the right things done faster!  Who wouldn’t want those kinds of results?

Wishing you all a terrific, peaceful and productive week back! 

Like some of us, when the alarm clock rang on Monday, I wanted to hit the snooze button. I just couldn’t (or didn’t want to) wrap my head around the idea that the holidays were over and we’ve begun a new year. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited about the opportunities and possibilities that are available to me in 2019, I just wasn’t ready to begin. My mind and body weren’t in sync with the calendar. You know what I mean?

I wanted just one more day of a schedule that was focused on family and fun, but when it’s time to begin, well, it’s time. Between the holiday hangovers, clean up and organization, and getting back into the routine of school, activities and work, I was and am feeling a little behind the curve.

So what do you do to get back in the swing of things when your energy, attention and focus have been taken up by the holiday season? If you are so inclined, leave your go-to protocol in the comments below to help others.

For me, the first place I go is “create space”, and in order to create some space, I need to take a look at my tolerations. I do that because I have this silly idea that I’m a lone ranger and must do-it-all by my-self to get my life and my household running smoothly again.

In all honesty, I “know” that belief isn’t true; but for some reason, my default is to believe that lie, and so, I start “managing,” checking off list items, and organizing like crazy.

In the past, that kind of strategy would leave me tired, frazzled and dreading the next action item. Now, when I notice myself going into hyper drive, I’ve trained myself to hit the pause button and to look at my tolerations. Perhaps, this strategy will help you, too!

Tolerations are those people, places, or things that you do, experience, or interact with that exhaust you, that enervate you, and that, at times, you try to avoid at all costs! Then, you get to experience even more dread, exhaustion and enervation, because you’ve been avoiding them for a week or more. 🙂

I’d like to propose a new way of handling tolerations that will not only get you better results, but will help you to get some much needed space in your day and in your brain. The result of using this kind of strategy is that it tends to lead to more peace of mind and more productivity for you during this “ramp up” time of year.

To get better results, we need to address the tolerations that we have head on.

So… what are you putting up with that you think are necessary evils? 🙂 Just kidding. They may not be evil, but you believe that they are necessary, even though they suck the very life from you! What are they?

I’d like you to make a list of all of those tolerations right now! Pull out a sheet of paper and write. Don’t hold back just write and write fast. Everything you feel you have to do that annoys you, drains, you, and that, well, just bugs the living —- out of you! List them and really get into it. Nicely done!

Addressing tolerations head on gives you better results in less time and has the added bonus of giving you a better, overall quality of life on a daily basis –

Christine Jeffrey

Now that you have the list, what can you do about it? Is it true that you are the ONLY ONE in the whole world who must handle these people, places or things? Only you can be tortured in this way? 🙂

What if I were to tell you that you could eliminate most of those items on that list by simply going through a 2 step process? Would you be game? If so, read on.

Space Leads to Clarity and Clarity Leads to Freedom

4 Ways To Tame Those Tedious Tolerations

Use this proactive strategy, consistently, and watch how fast the quality of your life improves. First, go through your list of tolerations and identify whether you want to dump them, delegate them, delay them, or just get them done. (Explanations are below.) Second, plan and schedule the appropriate actions immediately.

  • Dump Them – This means that you take a long and hard look at that person, place, or thing and decide you will give no more of your time or attention to them. You can view them as sunk costs and decide that what’s done is done. When you dump them it frees up your time and your brain space for the people, places and things that matter most to you.
  • Delegate Them – These tolerations are important enough to keep, but that doesn’t mean you have to handle them all by yourself. Who can you delegate these tolerations to, so that, you can free up some valuable time, that will give you some peace of mind and lead you to a better quality of life?
  • Delay Them – These are the tolerations that are important and must be done by you, however, for whatever reason, you cannot work on them, yet. Instead of thinking about what’s coming and dreading it, delay your thoughts by scheduling these tolerations for the appropriate time and choose to forget them! That’s right, set them and forget them! When you use this tactic, you free up your brain to focus on other things. Remember you experience what you focus on, and as long as you have set up the appropriate reminders to address these tolerations in the future, you can forget about them until the time comes! I LOVE this one.
  • Do Them – These are the tolerations that require acceptance as they are important and necessary. Stop procrastinating and get them scheduled and done. When you are decisive and get these tolerations completed quickly (instead of dragging them out), you minimize their impact on your brain and your life. So stop talking and start doing! When you do celebrate that YOU chose action instead of your mood choosing for you!

Now, it is true that there are times when we just can’t live in a toleration-free zone. However, what is also true is that you and I have more control than we think. So let’s do ourselves a favor and take the time to look at our tolerations list and apply this strategy! When we do, we not only get less hassle and less struggle, we get a clearer view of the landscape to navigate the road ahead faster. I want that for us!

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