What sparks action in you?

The last couple of weeks I have been feeling a little stressed. What usually happens at this time of year is quarterly performance reviews, registrations for next year, summer activities, spring break, finals, graduations, holiday and vacation plans, and TAXES – personal and/or business, and well, awesome weather. There in lies several challenges: the stacking of priorities, managing mindset, and, well, Spring has sprung. (When the weather isn’t all that great, you and I can get our heads around the tasks at hand a little bit easier. But when the weather is gorgeous and the birds are chirping and that energy is flowing the last thing you and I want to to do is work. What we want to do is play hookey and go have some fun.) Can you relate?

So I did some research on energy transfer because I had discovered this cool life hack – accidentally – when I had to buy some tickets for an upcoming event. I noticed that the energy I got from buying those tickets actually made it easier for me to refocus on the tasks I had yet to complete and complete them in record time.

Briefly, here is the deal about energy: When I refer to energy I am talking about two things: 1) Activation and 2) Execution. Activation is the energy you need to initiate an action whether the action is mental or physical. Execution is the energy you need to process that action. Which do you need more of? To get started or to keep going? If you said to get started, then you’re right. Remember Newton’s first law of motion: “An object will remain at rest or in motion unless acted upon …”

Now there are two ways to activate energy: 1) Generate the necessary reserves to act or 2) Lower the necessary reserves requirement to act.

The challenge to be productive for you and for me, during this time of year, comes down to how we generate the energy to act when we have been stacking priorities, the feelings that come with them, and maybe, dealing with some very painful disappointment. With all of that stacking of emotions comes a lot of stress. Stress makes me feel tired, and when I am tired, that “to do” looks huge and I feel like I will never get it done. 🙂

So … what happened when I bought those tickets?

Simply, that pleasant, excited, “I get to escape” feeling gave me the energy reserve I needed to activate that next task , and once I was in that next task, momentum kept me there. Then, the excitement of finishing that task set off a chain reaction of productivity.

A chain reaction of productivity happens when you use execution energy to create the activation energy needed for the next task

Christine Jeffrey

With this new perspective, I did some digging and came up with four different ways for you to either lower the activation energy required for the task or generate it. Let’s work smarter and not harder!

Power Up Your Potential

Activate Your Energy with These Tips

  1. Plan for your escape in a smart way – This means take a specific amount of time to plan a trip, buy some tickets, set up date night, etc… and then take that energy and apply it to the next task you have scheduled. This makes it easier for you to generate the energy for the next task on your list.
  2. Make it easier to do the work– Examples of this would be chunking like tasks together, or have everything you need to complete the task in one place to make it easier. Let’s say you want to go to the gym, but when you wake up, you just don’t feel like it. However, the night before you were prepared for this, so you had your clothes, shoes, phone, and keys within arms reach. You’ve just lowered the energy needed to act.
  3. Take Recess – Remember when someone asked us what our favorite subject was in school, and we would smartly answer, “RECESS!” We can use the concept of “recess” to our advantage by taking 10 minute breaks at the end of each hour to rest our eyes, stretch our bodies and renew our energy. Be consistent and you will feel energized and that list will feel more manageable.
  4. Unstack Your Priorities – You and I can only act on one idea at a time. So stop stacking everything you have to do. Set them in your calendar and forget them until it is time to deal with them. This allows you to conserve energy and have it ready for the next task without the added stress.

Use these tips when you are feeling stressed to gain more productivity through a smarter use of energy principles to reduce stress, enjoy life more, and get better results.

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With that, thanks for reading and until next time,

Activate the energy required to live the kind of life that makes you feel excited and proud.

Coach “Energizing Your Heart