How do you choose which item gets your attention first?

This week’s topic is about managing priorities, because many of us are struggling right now to balance our personal lives with our work lives. The most common complaint: exhaustion.

We may have new projects at work, but we also have graduations, planning vacations, family time, summer camps, or we have work deadlines versus registrations, tournaments, trainings, proms, or we have client meetings versus deaths, birthdays, and date night. Our emotions are being tugged in so many different directions. It’s a lot to handle, at times, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I feel like I am running as fast as I can just to keep up and not really doing a very good job at anything. Do you feel like that, too?

As I researched, this past weekend, on the best practices for prioritizing, I remembered something I had learned when I was writing my course, Power Up Your Potential, and so, the idea, that maybe, just maybe, I was looking at all of this juggling in the wrong way caused me to revisit a principle or two.

Sometimes, even the Pros can forget what they’ve learned when they don’t make the time for personal reflection

Christine Jeffrey

So I asked the question, “What would happen if I just took a breath and looked at what really matters most to me (my family, my friends, my contribution, how I want to feel at the end of the day …) and built my days out from there? What would change?

Sometimes, asking better questions gives you better results. By simply asking a “prioritizing values” question, I came up with a super easy way for you and me to “live” our priorities instead of living someone else’s demands and agendas. Who doesn’t want to feel proud and satisfied about one’s experiences at the end of the day?

Do you feel rushed, exhausted, cranky, and are looking for short cuts with the “just get it done” attitude that can lead to disappointment in yourself and others? Is the “Go To” strategy you use to handle competing priorities akin to that proverb, “A squeaky wheel gets the grease?”

There is a better way.

When you and I prioritize our values within the given constraints of work and family obiligations, it becomes easier to be more efficient and more effective without the added stress that can accompany so many priorities.

Juggling priorities can be easier when you do it this way!

Prioritizing Values in 3 Moves

  1. Outcomes – Get clear on what is most important to you that will give you the quality of life experiences you want to have. List them and list how often they need to happen.
  2. Identify Constraints – What obligations, time challenges and other people’s agendas get in the way of the outcomes you want to achieve?
  3. Planning – Create a plan to acheive your outcomes given your current constraints. What do you have to do to ensure that you finish the day feeling what you want to feel? How resourceful and creative can you get to create a win/win for yourself? Then schedule your most important outcomes on the calendar.

When you schedule and start achieving your most important outcomes every day, that is, ending the day with the feeling the pride and satisfaction of a day lived well, calm and peace of mind can come from that. When these moves become a habit, you will start to bring that calm to the planning process.

Now, that you have the moves, the key question is this: “Are your current priorities in alignment with your vision and values?” If your priorities are in conflict and you feel like you are sacrificing who you are to achieve someone else’s agenda, no amount of creativity or resourcefulness is going to make you feel better. This requires a realignment.

Listen, these moves are not rocket science, but they do work. Sometimes, common sense is not common practice when there is too much noise going on in our lives that we can’t see clearly what the best choice is for us. Try these moves for yourself and see if your quality of life improves.

If you think you may need some help with your prioritization skills, you can click here to Learn more about High Performance Coaching. I want the very best for you and coaching could be the next right best step for you on your way to having an extraordinary life of meaning, contribution and success.

You’ve got this. Leave a comment, ask a question, I’m here to help.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time,

Make the most of the time you have!

With love,

Coach “Be Clear About What Matters Most To You”