Common wisdom is often times not common practice.

The information I share in this blog is for you to experiment with and see if it makes your life better.

Give my suggestions a try! Come on, what have you got to lose except more time?

Irma, Irma on My Mind…

For the last week or so, Irma has been on my mind. Like that Ray Charles song, Georgia, Irma has been not only on my mind, but on everyone's mind. I can hear Ray singin it true in the back of my mind as we have been treated to all day, every day about Irma:  Where it...

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Will You Vote?

This morning I walked on the beach, priming away, as I prepared for my client's phone call. Nothing too unusual. The beach was bright, breezy, and beautiful, and I was centered and focused. Each time I walk by the water, I feel better about who I am, and about how I...

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About Me

Hi I'm Coach Christine, High Performance Coach, Lifelong Adventurer, Tae Kwon Do Instructor & Writer 🙂