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High-Performance Coaching™ is a powerful and proven coaching methodology – backed by scientific research – that will take you to the next level of success, fulfillment and confidence in your life. I call this “heart-centered, high-performance living.”

When you live a high-performance lifestyle, you have the clarity and courage to say yes to the things you want in your life and no to the things that don’t serve you. This personal power translates into more productivity, more fulfillment, and more meaningful relationships over the long term. You know what you want, why you want it, and most importantly, you take the actions to go and get it.

 When you live life, from your heart, using high-performance habits, you experience more joy & fulfillment, because your actions are in alignment with who you are and how you want to show up in the world.


When you have that kind of clarity, you don’t feel lost for long and you don’t struggle as much.


Finally, when you combine courage with clarity, you feel centered and in control of yourself and your life.


You’ll also be more willing to try new things with your expanded courage, and because your habits have improved, you’ll have more energy and vitality to experience more and to do more.


Most importantly, when you live a high-performance lifestyle, you can look in the mirror with confidence, because you trust and like the person staring back at you.


You are proud of who you are and proud of the work that you do in the world.


 This type of living is a game changer.


 The question is,”Are you game?”


High-Performance Coaching™ incorporates the latest research in mindset, habits, and skill-set development to help clients have an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living and performing at their best.  This type of coaching changes lives and is simply extraordinary.

The truth is that you are capable of achieving great things – of going after your dreams and making them real. You can do this!

Together, let’s bring you back.

Christine Jeffrey

High-Performance Coach, Challenge Your Vision, LLC

By working with me and consistently applying what you learn in high-performance coaching, you will be able to develop the mindset, the skillset and the habits necessary to have a life that is rich in experiences, in contribution, in meaning and in success.

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