finally having ultimate Clarity, easily accessing your Courage
and sparking your Initiative …


What would you accomplish?


Watch this video and find out! 

High-Performance Coaching™ is a powerful and proven coaching methodology – backed by research – that will take you to the next level of heart-centered living.

When you live a high-performance life, you have the clarity and courage to say yes to the things you want in your life and no to the things that don’t serve you. This personal power translates into more productivity and more meaningful relationships. You know what you want and why.

That kind of clarity guides you in your life. When you live life, from your heart, you experience more joy & fulfillment, because your actions are in alignment with who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

You will be centered and feel in control.

You’ll be willing to try new things with your expanded courage.

Most importantly, when you live a high-performance life, you can look in the mirror with confidence, because you keep your word to yourself and to others.

You are proud of who you are and proud of the work that you do


This type of living is a game changer.

The question is,”Are you game?”

High-Performance Coaching™ was developed by the High Performance Institute. Many of the world’s top experts on performance are contributors, and combined with original research, they make the High Performance Institute the world’s leading organization in the modern human performance conversation. 

High-Performance Coaching™ incorporates the latest research in mindset and skill-set development to help you  have an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your heart. The truth is that you are capable of great things – of going after your dreams and making them real –  and we will reconnect you to that truth.

Working with me over the next 12 weeks, you will change the quality of your life – fast! Here is an outline of what we will cover together:


Session 1:  You will discover your focus, level of agency and habits so that you know clearly where your baseline is


Session 2: You will develop immediate clarity and intention so that you save time, energy and resources


Session 3: You will gain immediate improvement in the energy you feel and generate each day so that you can live a heart-centered life


Session 4:  You will gain more confidence, decisiveness, and momentum so that you can do what needs to be done


Session 5: You will learn how to be more effective and productive, every day, so that you can continue to make progress towards your goals


Session 6: You will become immediately more influential in your relationships and career so that you can feel the power of making a difference


Session 7: You will develop a free, consciously-directed and positively engaged mind so that you can enjoy learning more about the things that interest you


Session 8: You will gain even more energy so that you can share your unique gifts with the world


Session 9: You will learn how to cut out distractions and take your productivity to the next level so that you can get even more done in less time


Session 10: You will target areas that you can become more persuasive in so you can make progress in those areas faster


Session 11: You will learn how to live and lead with purpose so that you can fully live a heart-centered life


Session 12: We will review your progress and make commitments to ongoing change so that you can continue to live a high-performance life

By consistently applying what you learn in these areas, you will be able to develop the clarity, gain the confidence, and build the energy you need to make the changes you need to make to share your unique gifts and talents with the world.

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Once I review your application I will set up a fifteen minute check in session to go over what you’ve shared and discuss whether high performance coaching is right for you. 

You can experience the power of this process for yourself.

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Let’s get you CLARITY. Let’s develop your COURAGE. Let’s Spark your INITIATIVE.