“I just received a wonderful coaching session with Christine! It gave me a new state of peace and clarity regarding an important conversation with my husband in planning for our family’s future. Christine listened deeply and asked me powerful and insightful questions that helped me break through to a whole new perspective I hadn’t considered before. My mind went “Wow!” My heart burst opened. The next day when my husband and I talked, it all unfolded lovingly and effortlessly because I was relaxed and open. Christine Jeffrey is a truly excellent coach. If you have a chance to work with her, I highly recommend it!”

~Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan
Holistic Medicine Doctor & High Performance Coach
Author of #1 Bestseller “SuperWellness: Become Your Own Best Healer”


“I have the most amazing life/business coach. I started working with Christine Jeffrey at the beginning of the year and I didn’t know what I wanted. I just knew I wanted more. 3 weeks ago, I opened Edward and Grace Boutique and I am enjoying it so much…if you are so inclined, work with her personally. She will help you be more than you thought you could be”


“Christine shows you how to put your natural talents to their best use, and helps you sharpen your skills for optimal performance through life . She has helped me learn so much about myself.”

– Kellie D. 

“It is because of your coaching, I got the career that I wanted and the support that I needed”

-Jolene V.