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This 216 page journal takes you on a journey of personal discovery that not only gives you the tools to create a vision for your life, but also, gives you the space, time for reflection, and framework you need to then make your vision a reality. Click the image above to learn more. 

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It’s About Your Life shop is about living out-loud the intentions you want to have in your life. Beautiful reminders can equal beautiful intentions. But more importantly, beautiful intentions combined with clarity, courage, purpose and energy lead to beautiful lives well lived.

I began this shop because I realized that we all need beautiful and inspirational reminders to live from that heart-centered place in ourselves. When we live from that place our conversations are better, our intentions are better, and our lives become better just because of that one shift. I vote for better!

My mission is to make your life and mine more rich, more beautiful, and more full of light and love each and every day — reminders can help you and I do just that.

I created this shop, because after all, it’s about your life. Click the image above to shop.

Book on Amazon

This workbook has over sixty pages of exercises designed to prepare you to make the most important goals you want for your life happen – fast. I designed this workbook to get you to the heart of what you want in your life, and to start working on it immediately! Click the picture above to learn more…


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