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Extraordinary times require extraordinary focus and determination. Improving these skills improves your life. Period.

You get this one life, so how are you going to live it?



This 216 page journal takes you on a journey of personal discovery that not only gives you the tools to create a vision for your life, but also, gives you the space, time for reflection, and framework you need to then make your vision a reality. Click the image above to learn more. 

It’s About Your Life Shop on Etsy

It’s About Your Life shop is about living out-loud the intentions you want to have in your life. Beautiful reminders can equal beautiful intentions. But more importantly, beautiful intentions combined with clarity, courage, purpose and energy lead to beautiful lives well lived.

I began this shop because I realized that we all need beautiful and inspirational reminders to live from that heart-centered place in ourselves. When we live from that place our conversations are better, our intentions are better, and our lives become better just because of that one shift. I vote for better!

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Power Up Your Potential


The purpose of this course is to develop your resourcefulness and develop your ability to solve the problems of life, yourself, so that you can have more success, more joy and more satisfaction – not just for now – but for the long term.

When people come alive using their unique talents and gifts in the world, it not only raises them up, it raises us all up. When you consistently know what it feels like to live from your best-self, you start to think about making a greater impact and you start thinking about how to leave the world a better place. Click here to send a message to learn more. 

“Christine is incredible. Her methods take seemingly overwhelming circumstances and teach you how to take control and maximize your effectiveness. This course tackles time management awareness in a way that allows for small tweaks to have a significant impact on habits and general fulfillment. Overall, this is a well-designed course that uses common sense approaches to create clarity and build courage and effectiveness. This experience has been truly cathartic and I believe that people of all backgrounds and abilities will find value in this course.”

Rachel Beach



This workbook has over sixty pages of exercises designed to prepare you to make the most important goals you want for your life happen – fast. I designed this workbook to get you to the heart of what you want in your life, and to start working on it immediately! Click the image above to learn more.